Reputable Children's Charity?

Recommend to me a reputable children’s charity organization please. I would appreciate cites for those that are the most effective in carrying out their charge.

I do not have their sight but Compassion International. They help the sponsered kids with schooling and one meaql a day.

Start with:

I don’t know if it charts “effectiveness,” but one thing I found it very useful for is eliminating “charities” that spend a significant amount of their donations on (usually for-profit) fundraising, or on excessive executive compensation.

Huerta88, my definition of “effectiveness” is exactly what you mention. Thanks all so far, and keep 'em coming!

Active 20-30

It’s like Rotary for younger folks.

Another place to do research is

But there are many children’s charities. Can you narrow down what you’re looking for? Something that provides food or education or what? A group that’s active in your city, or elsewhere in the US or elsewhere in the world?

This question is probably better in IMHO. Moved. You can still get factual answers there, as well as personal opinions.

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I’m not really sure exactly what I’m looking for. I’d say food is a top priority.

I support the Shrine Hospitals for Crippled Children.