Reputable Online Pen Dealers?

I’ve finally gotten sick of dealing with my Cross pens. The last straw is paying $6 per refill plus overseas shipping costs and having the plastic threads fail well before the ink runs out. I’d bop down to a stationer or office supply shop to see what’s new in the handwriting world but I’m in a country that doesn’t have either.

Online it is! There are so many sites I can’t figure out which are trustworthy. If it makes a difference, I’m looking for ball point pens. The sites don’t have to ship overseas. I have a friend in America who’ll forward purchases to me.

Help me Dopers, you’re my only hope!

[noparse][/noparse] ? :wink:

I have had excellent experiences with .

I’ve never bought from them, but is reputable as well.

Damn. Beat me to it! :smiley:

(Was that site real, or was it a big inside joke?)

Dangerously addictive site, for pen lovers like myself.

The latter (there’s nowhere on the site to actually order pens, and all the pen descriptions are dick jokes). And now I’m mildly peeved that I was only the third person to think of that.

:eek: Has the quality of Cross pens taken a decline? I still have mine working after more than 15 years and it hasn’t needed an ink refill yet. If I do ever get a refill or a replacement will it likely not last that long anymore?

Penis land, ha ha. Thanks Hello Again and Sophistry and Illusion. Between those sites I should be able to find something. The “Hospital” has a gold Parker pen I’m leaning toward, but that could change after I explore more.

Ludovic, I bought my last set of ballpoint refills about 6 months ago. I broke 2 refills within a couple weeks of each other. When I opened the next pack, I noticed “Made in China” in small letters. Had the price gone down with the quality, I wouldn’t have minded. The pens themselves are fine but damn, I have to treat them with kid gloves. Scratch that; I have to hold them with rubber gloves so they don’t slip out of my hand onto the desk or floor.

Both my mother and I have ordered from the aforementioned Levenger many times - excellent products and service. They’re good people.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I put in an order for a gold Parker ballpoint at the “Hospital.”