Requesting a search...

Sorry about this guys, I can’t afford to pay for the straight dope message boards, as much as I would love to. Anyhow, I heard rumors of a straight dope request a search thread, but never found it, so I finally settled on starting a thread of my own, since i can’t search myself.

I would like to find a thread debating why todays music is so terribly wretched. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Search Request Thread

Now let me see if I can find you an appropriate thread.

Try this one out, it’s pretty recent and might be what you’re looking for. Most things get better as time passes, so why does music get worse?

If not, maybe another doper could find you a better thread, since I’m now done work for the day. :slight_smile:

Thank you much… the wealth of knowledge here is incredible… starts saving every pennie for membership fee