Requesting good thoughts for my sister

Holding both of you in the light. Holding the hospital and all of it’s workers in the light so that she can be scheduled again soon.

She has been scheduled for Feb 24th. Fingers crossed.

I hope the date stands and this is all in your family’s rearview mirror very soon. Hugs!

I will hope and pray that your sister gets the surgery she needs. If the valve she was to have recieved was a donor gift I hope it has gone to someone else. Keep us updated please?

She will have a mechanical valve. I wonder what they’re doing with donor surgeries overall right now?

The hospital has told us now that the issue was a staff member who tested positive. Since they were on the ward, and the patients are especially vulnerable, they have cancelled everything for a few weeks. Hopefully it will stick to schedule from here.

Thank you everyone! {{{hugs}}}

Good thoughts and {{{{{ you and your sister and your families and friends. What the heck, the nurses and surgeons too }}}}}}.

There are donor surgeries now though. My sister’s liver went to someone, at the beginning of October. So did her heart valves, some tendons, skin, corneas, and other parts. We are proud of her, and she did have an Honor Walk.