Requesting good thoughts for my sister

My sister is scheduled to have a heart valve replaced on Weds. She also has an aortic aneurysm that may need attention once they’ve taken a look inside.

We’ve checked several times and been told repeatedly that her cardio unit was one of 2 in the area that was set aside for serious heart issues and that COVID was unlikely to impact her surgery. Today she got a call. She is still scheduled for surgery, but it may be postponed or cancelled. The other unit in the area has been given to COVID patients and they are sending their really dire cases to “her” cardiac unit.

She needs this surgery. I’m scared. I also don’t want to scare her. I’m sure she’s doing enough of that for herself.

I would appreciate any good thoughts anyone can spare.

Positive energy and good thoughts going out for her.

Good luck, fingers crossed that it will take place and all will go well.

My own sister had a bicuspid heart valve replaced 2 years ago with success. She calls herself Valvolina now.

I’ll be holding her and your family in the light.

It sounds like her surgeon is taking all due caution. Hope it goes ahead on schedule. Anticipation can be so much worse than the actual event.

Bring your worries here so you can keep being strong for her.

Good thoughts on the way.

What state is your sister in, if that’s not a more personal question than you feel comfortable answering? It helps for understanding just how much Covid cases may be impacting her care.

CA, in the Bay Area.

Which for those not in the know is starting to get a bit rough right now, though not yet near as dire as the LA area.

Best of luck Sunny_Daze. I hope everything goes smoothly.

I’ll be sending good thoughts her way and yours. I hope she can get a definite date soon and that her surgeon will give her reassuring information and guidance as needed.

Sure hope everything goes OK with your sister. Keep us posted.

Good thoughts to you and your sister, my friend.

Only the best thoughts for your sister, and peace for her, peace for you, and peace for your whole family.


Wishing the best of luck to your sister.

It’s been postponed with no new date.

Very frustrating. Sorry to hear. Damn covid.
Hang in there. It isn’t easy.

Good thoughts to you and your sister, Sunny_Daze.

Heaven help her.

I’m sending good thought and loving and healing energy your way. Best of luck.

If they’ve postponed it perhaps it means her risk is lower from the heart thing than from Covid at the hospital?

Sending good thoughts and calm to you both, fingers crossed she gets in soon and all goes exceedingly well!

Sunny_Daze, unless you find it objectionable (or she would), I will include her in my daily prayers. There’s a particular place to pray for healing from illness, and “renewal of strength,” as well as strength for those who care for an care about people who are ill. I keep a list that I read from.

I will add “Sunny_Daze’s sister,” unless you would prefer to share her first name. You can PM me. Works either way for me.

Praying for peace for your sister and you. It is kind of you to keep your worry from her and put on a brave face, and also smart of you to reach out to others to let us know you’re worried.

You got this!