Requesting reality check: reasons teen girls like horse-riding

I am appealing to you the teeming hordes to confirm or invalidate what I think is a bit of an outrageous statement by a good buddy of mine, namely, that girls around the teenage years enjoy riding largely because it offers sexual stimulation.

Now, I will be the first to confess that I have lead a sheltered life, and have often been proven naive. My buddy, on the other hand, had had a very diverse, colorful past. He also has a daughter who is totally horse-mad, not an uncommon thing at the age of 15. His reasons for his claim is that all the riding classes he has observed are overwhelmingly compose of girls, and that after the lessons the students all have a very strong smell of, well, let’s say, feminine sexual secretions.

Now I called bull$$$$, but mostly on a gut feel, I must admit. I always thought girls fascination with riding was about the bond with the animal, the unconditional friendship the horse offers when everyone else in your life is acting weird all of a sudden, etc etc. I have the sinking feeling that perhaps I have been oblivious all these years to something everyone “knows”. Are riding lessons hour-long wankathonns on the parent’s dime? Or is my buddy just showing me again that his mind is permanently domiciled in the gutter?

Please complete my real-world education…

:dubious: I never got to go horseback riding (pony rides at the occasional fair, none of which were vigorous enough to provide any stimulation, were about it) but I was a girl who liked horses. My theory is that for girls, horses are like a fast car or a motorcycle to a guy. They look cool, they suggest freedom and control, they can provide a sense of accomplishment. Plus horses are a status symbol. Not to mention that girls go horse-crazy before ever getting near a saddle.

It’s just a little bit weird that your friend is even thinking that much about this.

Speaking as a former horse-mad teen girl (and current horse owner), the smell after a riding lesson is usually sweaty horse. The draw was being around something large, with the potential to hurt you, but being able to control it. To be able to do something that many people larger and more powerful than you can’t or are afraid to do. And to be around a bunch of other girls who like the smae thing.

I can tell you that if you’re positioned correctly in a saddle (at least in dressage) there is nothing masturbatory about it. In jumping position you’re our of contact with the saddle. And if you bump yourself in a sensitive place while going over a jump, it hurts!


Your buddy’s mind is in the gutter.

Now, if he’d put forth that theory about 30-ish single women taking up riding lessons, he might have a point. But not right now.

I’ve heard this theory before, and when I mentioned it to an ex-girlfriend (who had some “issues” in regards to sex) she reacted as if I’d suggested we eat babies.

I can’t speak from personal experience because I’ve always been a little afraid of horses, but it’s not just your buddy who thinks this. It’s a pretty common claim - rent “Cruel Intentions 2” for an interesting, um, take on the theory… actually google “Cruel Intentions 2 - Horse Lessons” and you can see that part of the movie.

this is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. most girls are horse crazy before they ever even sit in a saddle. and as a former rich bitch english rider, after long sessions especially when learning how to jump it feels like you are being sawed in half. maybe all swimmers get into swimming because they want to rub up against the jets.

I had horses growing up. It was never even remotely sexual.

OK, hang on. Sweaty horse smells like p*ssy?

Just wondering.

You eat babies?!



I mean…um, no. **NO. ** Not true. You’re right–call bullshit on this one.

Seriously, I’ve heard vague, mocking allusions of such by people trying to be funny in a crude construction worker kind of way, but allow me to say as a female equestrian who rode as a teen and rides now as an adult: asserting that it’s the least bit sexual, and even more hysterical–that teen girls smelled of female cum after a riding lesson–is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. And I teach middle school, a bastion of stupidity.

Holy cow. That’s astounding. And really funny.

As St. Germain said, riding is WORK. If you’re riding correctly, your core and trunk muscles are working hard to balance and counterbalance while your lower leg, abs, and inner thighs ache and burn. If you’re riding incorrectly, your ass is getting seriously saddle-spanked and you feel it in your teeth. Unless saddle spanking is your thing, nothing will happen that makes you all tingly in all the naughty places.

It’s kind of creepy that your friend thinks this is the motive for his daughter’s interest. :dubious:

As another former female horse rider (I rode horses in my pre-teen years, long before I was interested in sex at all), I can confirm what the others said about how it really is not sexually stimulating.
It sounds like your pal is imagining being on top of a horse as being like sitting on a washing machine. He should try riding a horse himself and see what it’s actually like.

Well, there is something to be said for riding bareback–especially on a pacing horse. Interesting rhythm there. With a saddle? No effin’ way! English saddles you hardly even sit on, it’s just an endless squat thrust and Western saddles are about as conducive to netherly amusement as a tree trunk in an earthquake.

Bareback on an Icelandic Horse is about as close as you’re going to get to an equine Magic Wand… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooof, SmartAleq, not for me…riding bareback (as in, no bareback pad, just my butt on a nekkid horse’s back) means my clit is being ground and pounded–and NOT in a good way–into my horse’s withers (and she doesn’t have particularly high or prominent withers). It HURTS. I try to either scoot my butt back (frequently), use a bareback pad, or just ride at a pleasant walk.

No, no, no. I mean, unless a girl plans to get freaky with the pommel, then, no.

Motorcycles. It’s motorcycles girls ride for the stimulation. Jeez.


This suddenly explains some of my weirder professors.

Wouldn’t the horse’s hair on your clit be problematic?

A girl, but never rode horses much.

There is nothing even remotely sexually stimulating in riding a horse OR a motorcycle and I’ve done plenty of both, regularly and recently. I started the horseback riding long before sex even crossed my mind as a preteen.

Does your buddy think women urinate from their vagina, too?

The horse = sex idea was first put forward in The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris. Unfortunately I don’t have the book handy so I have to paraphrase from memory:

  • Boys & girls are equally interested in horses until puberty, when girls suddenly become much more interested in horseback riding, at a ratio of three to one over boys.

  • Girls are more likely to be terrified of snakes & big hairy spiders, because hairy spiders remind them of pubic hair (fear of the onset of womanhood) and snakes, naturally, remind them of a big scary penis.

At least, that’s what the book says. I never bought the snake/spider thing but the horsey-sex connection always made sense to me. On the other hand, I’m a guy who’s completely indifferent to horses, so what do I know?

I’m sure this is a woosh, but just in case it isn’t, she meant bareback as in no saddle. She would, presumably, be wearing pants.