Requesting your own medical tests

If I wanted, say, to order myself a CBC with differential and had a couple hundred bucks to pay for it, is it feasible to do this? Are there labs where I can just walk in and say “I’d like a CBC with differential, here’s a check, here’s my arm, can I have it in an hour?”

Let me also say in advance… this is a straightforward GQ… I’m not asking whether it’s generally a good idea to do this or oughtn’t you be consulting your doctor or blah blah blah.

As a medical technologist, I can tell you that in Quebec at least, you are absolutely not allowed to order tests on yourself. Only a doctor can fill out test requisitions, and the patient, nurses, or technologists aren’t allowed to just add other tests on there because they want to.

We get a lot of requisitions in the hospital test center, where we draw blood on outpatients, with tests checked off in a different color pen, or scribbled in by hand, and we’re supposed to contact the doctor in question and ask about it. In reality, we don’t always have time to do that, but extra, unnecessary tests are an added cost to the health care system.

I have no clue about the legality/feasibility of this sort of thing in a private healthcare setting, however. Seems to me like it’s a bad idea, because then if you’d be getting results, without a doctor discussing them with you, you’re more likely to misunderstand what the results mean, and possibly overreact if something seems out of range. Sometimes “abnormal” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem - but only your doctor would know that, because he’s seen you and evaluated your condition based on many factors outside of those tests.

Our lab (in the US) will only run tests that have been ordered by someone with an account with us, and we only give accounts to health care providers - usually hospitals. We (employees) used to have the added perk of being able to request tests on ourselves for free, but they discontinued that. We still get free tests, but only when ordered by a doctor. I did, however, run several genetic tests on myself during my training period.