Required reading for the budding revolutionary

I’m looking for a good Malcom X biography-ish book, and a collection of Che Guevara’s diary entries/another biography.

Any specific books I should be looking for, as well as anything else I might be interested in?

Well, you could always try “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, ghost-written by Alex Haley. There’s also a collection of speeches given by him in the last year of his life called “By Any Means Neccesary.” I’ve also heard Ilyasha Shabazz’s “Growing up X” is pretty good (She is his daughter).

For Guevara, try his “Motorcycle Diaries: A Journey Across South America”, his “Bolixivia Diaries”, and also “Guerilla Warfare”, which is one of his most famous works. (Also, if you’re interested in the subject, check out Mao Zedong’s book “On Guerilla Warfare”. For biographies, check out “Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life”, and “Compenaro: The Life and Death of Che Guevara”.

In general, check out Pathfinder Press, which you can find at . It’s a publishing house run by the Socialst Worker’s Party, a Trotskyist party. You’ll find a lot of Communist revolutionary and worker’s liberation stuff there.

You might find the translated works of Ricardo Flores Magón.

Your collection won’t be complete without the works of Thomas Paine, and you might enjoy William Walker’s “War in Nicaragua.”

You might also enjoy the works of Leon Trotsky.

There’s always Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.
Or Mein Kampf.

History shows that Machiavellian principles have always been as popular with the revolutionaries as with the rulers they despise. A lot of people suggest the The Prince be recommended reading, but personally I found The Discourses to be at least as educational.