Rescind this warning, please

Thank you for that information.

I hope they were set up to be informed of that by email; otherwise, if they left the board, they won’t know it’s there.

[Note: the preview for some reason doesn’t show the formatting, but in the post, “Modnote for Banksiaman. No way around it, that is a straight out insult. Do not insult posters outside of the pit. Please don’t do this again” is struck through.]

However, doing so could cause a grudge, and that would be bad for your continued posting.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen evidence of that happening on this board.
Have you?

How would anyone but that Mod know?

The mods are human. Once they start being called horrible names, or they start calling posters names by pitting them, it is impossible for any human to remain neutral. They will be biased. Now sure, they can be aware of that bias, and try to compensate. I suspect they are doing that.

So I can call a Mod a name in the Pit for something they’ve written as a poster, and then use that to claim that they’re biased against me in their moderation?

That’s handy to know.

Unless we have replaced the Mods with robots, they are. However, generally our mods are good, so they are able to consciously overcome that bias.

Perhaps we should instead try to overcome our unconscious assumption that the Mods are biased against us, in the absence of specific evidence to indicate that it’s so.

It may ease your minds to know mods are encouraged to pass mod duties on to an impartial mod if they have a history of adverse posting with a particular poster. Best to avoid even an appearance of bias if possible.

Sooooo… I’d need to Pit all of you?


(plus more characters because discourse is fussy)

It’s an option you always have. :slight_smile:

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing a thread titled “Pitting all the SDMB moderators for things they’ve said as posters” in the pit soon.

In a cornfielded thread last night one poster told another to fuck off in GQ. Why wasnt this poster warned? Even if the post and the one this person was responding to were disappeared?

It was the Trock that said it. You seem to be mistaken in this case.

Though I did see an actual poster overreact and say something to the Trock that could have generated a warning. They shouldn’t have and should have just flagged it.

People rising to the bait is what the sock often wants. Giving out warnings for reacting to trock is probably the ultimate feeding of them.

Ok fair enough. I could have sworn I reported both but I could be losing it in the summer heat.

Oh, we had 3 dozen flags in a very short time last night. I think poor @raventhief did the cleanup of those. Several of us were working on the 4 socks as they popped up. I don’t know if any of the flags were analyzed in detail. But I would not give more than a modnote in response to an abusive sock.

I saw that, and the quick response was much appreciated!

I assume the Mods are human.

I also assume they are professional and are overcome that bias.

I assume the bear in the cage isn’t a maneater.

I also assume that the cage is well secured.

That does not mean I poke the bear.

One mod has already admitted his bias against me.

Didn’t that have something to do with you abusing the report function?