Research has shown...

Was happily wandering around the web, until I came across this article:

Movies really can put you in the mood, study finds.
“When you’re watching movies, your hormones are responding, not just your mind,” said Oliver Schultheiss, a psychology professor who led the study.

No fucking shit! Yeah, we known that for years. Its called porn.
WTF?? Do these people have nothing better to do than to research stupid things?

Research has shown that if your left hand is *larger * than your right hand, you are more likely to fuck up your life.

Research has shown that if you slouch to the left when sitting, you are more likely to grow nose hair.

Screw you guys and your stupid research. Do something worthwhile for a change!

And you know the thing that REALLY bugs me? A week later, someone else will come up with a counter-argument, and both parties will squabble over who was right.

Yeah, if those fucking psychology professors don’t cure cancer soon, we’re fucked!

Ok, I missed that one.

But I meant that researchers in general could be doing something more worthwhile than crap like that.

Yeah! God forbid we do research on how external stimuli affect hormonal responses! What good could possibly come of that?

So basically, watching a chic flick makes you less of a man. But we already knew that.