reset my Linksys router password

I can log into my router but can’t figure out how to change the password. Got a user I no longer want to have access to the connection. Any advice? Thanks.

Go to the Linksys web site and look under support for your model number. Then download the user manual.

It should be under wireless settings (for the wifi password) or router settings (for the router password).

You need to change the wifi password to prevent the user from gaining access via a wireless device, but if the user has physical access to the router (like you do) and knows the router password you need to change that as well.

You can also block a specific device if you can grab his MAC address.

I think the OP is saying he’s forgotten how to log into the router as an administrator.

To the OP: While online, Google the default administrator’s userid and password for your router. It’ll probably be something like admin/password. Also Google the default the URL of the router. Usually the first three octets will be 192.168.01 but the last one can be 00 or 01, or some other value if someone has previously changed it.

Get an Ethernet patch cable ready.

Reset the router.

Connect your computer to the router with the patch cable.

Using the info you googled for previously, log into the router’s administration page, and change the password for logging into the WLAN–it’ll probably be under Wireless–>Security. This step will block your uninvited user.

Finally, either change the administration password or at least disable remote management of the router.

There is a small reset button on the rare side of the Linksys router. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
Release the reset button.
unplug the power to the router.
wait for 10 seconds.
plugin the power.
wait for 30 seconds.
This will reset your router.
After resetting the router, it will come back to factory default settings. Then you will need to reconfigure the router to get it working.
I have found a link to setup linksys router without CD.

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