Resident Evil 2 Trailer

Anyone else see this trailer yet?

I loved it. Caught me totally off-guard. Liked it almost as much as the movie “Underworld” which I had gone to see.

Description (spoiler in case anyone wants to be surprised):

Right after all the ads (ads in a movie?? gah…) another “ad” comes up for some sort of make-up. There is no standard green-screen that says “this preview has been approved for all audiences” or something like that. It’s just another ad right after all of the others. And the make-up shtik goes on for 30 seconds or so, then suddenly “side effects may occur” and they zoom in on the woman’s face which is sort of splitting apart. Then the standard trailer starts.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I JUMPED out of my seat when I saw what was happening. Creative trailer, even if the movie may end up sucking.

I caught on to it when they mentioned that the amazing new cosmetic was brought to you by the Umbrella Corporation, and laughed out loud at the “exclusive T-cell formula” bit. Clever! I should have caught on when I saw the helix container, though.

Y’all can see the trailer at the movie’s official site. Click the little “watch previews” button.