Residents of VT and WA may omit return postage?

I live in VT, and through the many contests that I have seen come and go through out the years (most of them being from soda and fast food) I have noticed one common occurance: You can always write to them, enclosing a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope,) to get a free game piece. And along with this, it always says that residents of VT and WA may omit return postage.

I want to know why. Why only my state and another on the complete other side of the country? It seems odd to me, that’s all. Is is some weird law that only our states have? Or are the companies all being really nice to us?

Anyhoo, if any of you out there know the answer, please let me know.

Yep. In Washington you can’t be asked to pay anything to join a free sweepstakes, including the cost of a SASE.

Now if they just had a law that says you can’t be asked to pay for sports stadiums after you voted not to…