Resignation of the Dutch Government

Re the story cited below while the military miscalculation is a tragedy why is it sufficient to bring down an entire government? Granted parlimentary governments can dis-assemble and re-assemble more easily than presidential (ie US) style governments but to take down the government because a mistake in miltary strategy was made?

Why? Seems like an excessive “falling on your sword” move. What’s the back story?

Election due soon.

I didn’t get from any of the news articles whether they resigned out of ‘collective guilt’ or anger.


Anyway, there’s an election coming up on May 15, so it’s not as huge an issue as it could be.

It seems possible to me that this is a fairly symbolic “mea culpa”, and that most, if not all, of the politicos will be re-elected to their old seats, having shed any political baggage attached to the massacre.

Well, despite the implication of hand-washing, it’s still much more than most governments would do.

Oh, it was guilt allright. Though not as collective as I wished it would be.

The Dutch government send a bunch of cowardly nitwits to Screbernica seven years ago. Just to let the world see: Hey! We Dutch have an army too! * blushing *

The more important players in this drama go free. [as per usual]

Yes, there are elections next month, but our PM; Wim Kok, was quitting politics before this whole mess.
Heaven help us when we have to vote for those who didn’t resign.
Pim Fortuyn - our own Mussolini - must have the best day of his life. :frowning: