Resistance in Parallel Circuts.

Hi Team! For people with elctrical experience.

What is the simplest method for calculating resistance on parallel circuits?? best formula?

If you want to keep working with them as resistances, and not conductances, there is only one formula:

1/(1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3…)

If you are working with known resistors you can simplify things a bit. If you have 2 resistors of the same value the parallel combination is 1/2 the resistance of one of them, for example.

Thankyou Keith, MUCH appreciated!!

For two resistances (r[sub]1[/sub]+r[sub]2[/sub])/(r[sub]1[/sub]*r[sub]2[/sub])
Sum over product.

The opposite of what aynrandlover lover said.

Product over the sum.

Thanks again team!