Resolved: The United States should significantly reduce the number and severity of laws against recreational drugs

Her boyfriend testified that she yelled “who is it” repeatedly and they didn’t respond. It would just be a “your word against mine” and you wouldn’t be able to prove it beyond reasonable doubt because for some odd reason there is no bodycam evidence.

I read something long ago…the idea was that if the Feds produced and distributed the drugs they would cost little and addicts wouldn’t have to rob to get their fix. Plus the purity would be better and they wouldn’t be cut with other things, so the drugs would be safer.

We could phase out old junkies as time goes by, educate the next generation in the meanwhile, and so on.

A profit motive has since entered the building. All states are happy to find a new source of revenue. Legalizing drugs adds revenue. Tax the vice and put the money into the public coffers. (Wait, weren’t lotteries were supposed to save schools?) It’s an old song.
“Shame on you for drinking and smoking, so we’ll tax the fuck out of you for it but please don’t stop drinking and smoking because we need the revenue.” You’ll have a helluva time getting this toothpaste back in the tube.

Remember krokodil? I hope the photos I’ve seen are faked but I doubt that they are. That said, would you sell it to someone because it’s their (addle-brained) choice?

Not for the squeamish…have brain bleach handy.

But both Wikipedia and Snopes are vague on if it is the adulterants/unreacted reactants that are causing the disfigurement and not the actual chemical. If the former, then legalizing it would result in an increase in purity that would vastly reduce or eliminate these sorts of outcomes.

Fair enough…just trying to point out that at some point legalizing all drugs trips a logic circuit. All? That will mean eventually selling something that you know has horrific effects. Kill you? That sucks. Exposed bones and flesh etc. with the lingering agony that must accompany it? That’s another thing.

Let’s take the case of something anybody can buy off the shelf. This woman got frostbite from huffing Ultra Duster. Yeah, I know it’s 5 years old but I can’t keep up with the latest.

Who knows what’s next?

I have a lot of friends who have guns and would not hesitate to open fire on anyone breaking down their front door. (One of them actually HAS shot someone trying to break in.) Combine that American attitude of self-defense with no-knock warrants and a case like Breona Taylor’s is inevitable.

Here’s an idea - how about on no-knock warrants cops use the same type of ammunition as Air Marshalls do, which is less likely to penetrate walls and endanger others outside of the immediate fire fight? (Better yet, fewer fire fights but meanwhile, let’s reduce the damage). Said ammo will still stop a human being, but makes it a lot less likely to kill someone sleeping in a nearby room or neighbors nearby.

Breona was ASLEEP IN HER BED. She was not posing a threat to anyone. By not even charging the cops for that, but charging for endangering the neighbors, it gives an image of the authorities not giving a damn about killing a black woman asleep in her bed. That image can be just as important as all the other details of the case. It starts to look like a drive-by shooting where the target is still alive but bystanders are dead, only this time it’s the cops and not gang members shooting.

Context matters.

See this helpful explanation by LSLGuy:

I too was confused by this until I saw the above.

By no means do I blame the guy inside for firing at the cops. “Bre” was holding like $10000 for her drug dealer Ex, and you’d expect bad guys not cops.

Sure she was, but she wasnt targeted , she was the victim of stray gunfire.

But yes, the air marshal ammo idea is a worthy one, in apartments, at least.

I would like marijuana to be legal for recreational use in all states and federally. And readily available for anyone over 18, especially in edible form (not damaging to the lungs). Encouraging some people to turn to pot instead of alcohol could be a nice side benefit.

Use of all other recreational drugs should be decriminalized, but not available without a prescription. Example: if people could go to their local dispensary and buy bottles of fentanyl, ketamine and flasks of Bromtons Cocktail for their next shindig, you’re going to see a lot more OD and death.

Although use of drugs may be either legal or decriminalized, I think the penalties for having any recreational drug in your system after committing a crime (like vehicular homicide) should as severe, or more severe than they are now. This still accomplishes the OP‘s goal because police would only be permitted to look for or test for drugs after another crime has been committed.

It is stupid that MDMA and psilocybin are not legal for clinical tests and trials.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research has achieved some remarkable results. That is remarkable results with virtually no down side.

Well, as a species, we’re pretty fucking stupid.