Response to Lizzie Borden and lesbianism

I just wanted to help in some information related to Lizzie Borden and that possibility that she may have caused a divorce. It is very possible this did happen. In the book Lizzie Borden: A Dance of Death it discusses this very topic. Agnes De Mille who wrote the book was able to gain access to a lot of primary documents related to Lizzie and her life while doing research for this book and in preparation for a dance (a ballet if I am not mistaken) that she choreographed.

Anyway, there was a divorce. An Esther Forbes (not the author, but possibly related) told her father Judge Forbes of Worcester County (probably Judge William T. Forbes who is related the author Esther Forbes) about a divorce. The case was considered a “frivolous” case on charges of lesbianism and dismissed. Miss Lizbeth A. Borden was named correspondent. (Lizzie legally changed her name to Lizbeth after the trial for the murders of her father and stepmother.)

Unfortunately I do not have the book in front of me so I can’t give you the references used in the text. I lent it to one of my professors last week. I am a history student at Idaho State University and we are working on a project that involves Lizzie Borden and her life. I have been scouring primary and secondary sources about her for a while now, but that is beside the point. The point I want to make is there was a divorce. Lizzie was involved somehow. There were charges of lesbianism. Judge Forbes was involved in someway, it was dismissed and is not found in the news because it possibly involved the judge’s daughter. If his daughter was charged with lesbianism it could have possible ruined his career. It was probably covered up. Politicians do this all the time. If there is scandal, or even rumor they will do what they can to cover it up to protect themselves. But because there is a lack of solid evidence proving that Lizzie was in fact a participant in sexual relations with another woman that caused a divorce, it can only be viewed as conjecture.

Oh an one more quick thing. John Morse was not Abby’s brother. He was Sarah Anthony Morse Borden’s brother- Lizzie and Emma’s mother. Morse was her maiden name. Abby’s full name was Abby Durfee Gray Borden. John Morse was Lizzie and Emma’s biological uncle. Andrew Borden and John Morse were friends. They maintained contact after Sarah died. John and his family moved west but he would return to Fall River, and the surrounding area to visit family members. He often stayed with Andrew and Abby when he would return to Massachusetts. He stayed with them for about a year at one point.

I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you for your time and effort. Please keep us posted on your further research.

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I find the argument here not wholly demonstrated.
Esther tells her father, Judge Forbes about a divorce; a Miss Borden was named in the suit.

How does it follow: ‘Judge Forbes was involved in someway’, and the case was ‘not found in the news because it possibly involved the judge’s daughter.’ ?

Some random judge being told about a case by a relative would indicate his non-involvement rather than that he , or his daughter, was involved; and provides no reason why he would quash the case or suppress any reporting [ which was practically impossible if the case was presented in a court ].
A 19th century court would be extremely unlikely to take cognizance of lesbianism; and lesbianism wouldn’t have been casually discussed in newspapers anyway. Not even as that dreadful crime against nature, which could cover anything from a a 12 man orgy to kissing a hedgehog.

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Lizzie Andrew was an American woman.Despite being the descendant of wealthy, influential area residents, Lizzie Borden’s father, Andrew Jackson Borden, grew up in very modest surroundings and struggled financially as a young man. He eventually prospered through the manufacture and sales of furniture and caskets, and went on to become a successful property developer who directed several textile mills including the Globe Yarn Mill Company,

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Two corrections: Evan Hunter is Evan Hunter’s real name. He had it legally changed. His birth name was Salvatore Lombino.

Lizzie is a work of FICTION. Hunter never claimed it as fact.