Responses to a straight, white male complaining on these message boards.

First, I would just like to say that I am a straight, white male. I will never understand what it would be like to be in the shoes of someone who isn’t. I’m for equality all around. I’m pro-gay marriage, very much against the discrimination of people who have a different ethnic or cultural background than me, and I believe women should have equal pay, and reproductive rights. My voting history shows that these issues are very important to me.

If I could drive downtown, I would probably attend any protest or parade that tackles these issues, and issues like these.

Although this is “Great Debates”, as always, I will try to keep an open mind regarding other people’s opinions. I hate debating, and I’m not very good at it.

Something’s been bothering me though. If you ever hear a straight, white male complain about a situation that specifically concerns straight people, white people, and especially males on this message boards; the common response is; “Oh, you must have it SO hard, poor you!”

Currently, this irks me.

I understand that we, for the most part, have it good. However, if someone has an issue that’s specific to straight, white males, people just dismiss it. Why?

I’m here to learn, so please, try to be nice in your responses, (at least to me), I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers. I would like to think I have an open mind. :slight_smile:

Much better to debate a specific example, rather than your undefined hypothetical. In the latter case, someone can just bend the argument to whatever conclusion they wish to arrive at.

I think it is that minorities have had their ability to protest and complain for so long that now that they can do it (more openly) they still have the frame of reference of when they couldn’t. whereas in the past, white majority could complain at will about any topic. I think it is just a social dynamic that will even itself out given a little more time.

I’m struggling to think of an issue that’s specific to straight white males.

Buying the wrong brand of vacuum cleaner for your wife’s birthday certainly is.

I can’t find any other examples, but I see it a lot on these boards. Not so much towards straight people, or white people. But if you bring up something that’s unfair to men, it’s always the same responce as the above post.

“Because everything in this world conspires against men.”

For something that happens a lot on these boards, for something that is always the same response to posts like your example, I can’t seem to find any examples either.

I can only think of examples, but you’re right. Perhaps I was too hasty when I posted this thread. In fact, I don’t know why I included “straight” and “white” when the only examples I can think of have been about men. Unless you count affirmative action, which I have mixed feelings about.

If you would like to lock the thread, I understand.

I’m not seeing how male complaining is exclusively a white thing. ETA ninjaed

It isn’t.

What’s ETA stand for?

Life is often hard, and not always fair. If there are problems associated with being a straight white guy, I think we can handle it. It pales in comparison to what others face daily. I’m not saying individual straight white guys don’t have problems worth complaining about now and then, but I’m not losing any sleep over problems directly related to just being such a person. If they exist.

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Edited to add what?

i think we have found that example everybody wanted.

Yeah… I guess your right. I just think there are some double standard. Not so much with our laws, although I child custody is still a little bit of an issue.

I mean culturally.

I haven’t found one specific example of problems only straight, white men have. Just preemptive whining…

There are plenty of valid problems they might have–but those problems cross the lines of gender, race, ethnicity & sexual orientation.

I think straight white males have the whole Gattaca thing going on (I am referring to the character played by Jude Law); because we have perceived advantages the bar is higher for us than others. A straight white male can work very hard and you know make an honest living but not be a huge financial success but wouldn’t be thought of very highly, or very well respected for not making a certain amount of money or having a certain level of education. White males have it so much easier in lots of ways though, so I think they should not complain too much.