Rest in Peace, Jimmy Carl Black

Original Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black, “the Indian of the group,” lost his battle with cancer last night in Germany.

Well, that’s a shame. The was something about that throwaway line on We’re Only in It for the Money - “Hi, boys and girls! I’m Jimmy Carl Black and I’m the Indian of the group.” - that was so perfectly Mothers.

I was reading not long ago about Black, and how he was an original member of the band that auditioned Zappa. He had such a hard time of it after Zappa dumped his band. I was was amazed to learn that at one point Black was in Austin, working as a house painter with Arthur Brown!! (“Fire”)

RIP Jimmy Carl - gone to the happy hunting grounds.

He’d made a go of it as a blues musician recently. I was surprised and delighted to hear him on a blues podcast last year.

RIP Lonesome Cowboy Burt.

In the early days, he was as much the face of the Mothers as Zappa was. Sorry to hear this.

Yep. I recall some old quote from Frank calling the original Mothers “…the ugliest band in the world” and I flash to the sleeve photo on the inside of Burnt Weeny Sandwich showing the long-haired, dour-looking Zappa, Roy Estrada ( I think ) and Jimmy Carl Black ;).

I’ve heard he was a good-natured, sweet guy. A shame.