Restaurants who do not know who their clientele is

It’s early Sunday afternoon, around 12:30. You are managing what is supposed to be a family-oriented, conservative establishment. At this time of day your clientele is the after-church crowd. I don’t know if you realize this, but they tend to be older folks and other types who are not exactly into rap and hip-hop. So why do you have rap blasting so loud that it can be heard out in the parking lot? Who are you trying to attract with that? Here’s a news flash: whoever you are trying to attract with that music, they are not even awake at 12:30 pm on Sunday. And even if a few of them did manage to struggle out of bed between 11:30 and 12:00, they will not be coming to you anyway because you are not serving breakfast. So if you’re wondering why your establishment is deserted, while the one across the street is packed wall-to-wall with blue-haired ladies: get to know your customers, moron!

Maybe they are trying to drive the blue haired ladies away, so there will be room later in the afternoon.:slight_smile:

On the flip side, that’s one gangsta Bob Evans.

Dare I ask what restaurant this was?

Nah. The manager was at home with his family, and the place was left in the hands of the 18-year old cheap-wage workers to run. They just played music they liked, and didn’t even give thougth to what the clientele might want.

Sundays are hell in restaurants.

Most of the staff is hung over. Lots of call ins. Lots of large after church parties who don’t tip.

Sounds like one of the employees was getting back at the crowd to me.

I know it isn’t the right thing to do, but if I was 21 again and stuck working on another Sunday…

I would put money on this being the case.

This is why restaurants shouldn’t play music at all. Most of the time when they do, it’s the usual shit you’d hear on an adult contemporary station, like Maroon 5, Nickelback, Savage Garden, and the like.

When I control the restaurant music, it will be William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy singing 24/7.

Preferably in an Old Country Buffet.

[sub]No, I won’t dine there. Are you crazy?[/sub]

When I open my restaurant, during the middle of the first after-church seating I shall be hydraulically raised from the orchestra pit seated at the keyboards of a mighty Wurlitzer theater organ, dressed in white tie and tails, playing J.S. Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor with full 16-foot Bourdon and 8-foot Open Diapason and twelve baboons wearing jockey outfits keeping time on the finger cymbals.

And then…pancakes for everyone!

Ukelele Ike, can we put in reservations, now?

Fugue U, Ike.
Just kidding! I’ll be there.


I’ve noticed an attitude held by workers at some establishments to the effect that their jobs are a punishment, the customers are the enemy, and routine interactions are battles of wills where the most important thing is for the worker to demonstrate his/her superiority over the the customer.

Government offices are notorious for this kind of thing, but it’s not so surprising - the customer usually isn’t in a position to take his business elsewhere. It’s the private businesses where it seems so weird.

The shop or restaurant is empty, or nearly so, but the idle employees don’t want to interrupt their phone time or bull session to actually, you know, do their jobs. They shoot you an angry stare, or lecture you in a dismissive tone about how you’ll have to wait, or that they can’t ring you up because you’re standing at the wrong register. Another favorite maneuver is to shoo out the customers so they can go home before the listed closing time.

What you invariably do as a customer is make a mental note not to patronize the place, or to avoid that particular branch of the chain. When you’re working low wage jobs, you often wonder, Why do they treat me like I’m an untrustworthy retard just as step above a prison inmate? Then you realize that a lot of the people who work those jobs are in fact untrustworthy, hostile retards.

Not playing music that your potential customers won’t like is fairly obvious, but I bet the workers at this joint would take it as a sign of oppression that they can’t play the music they like. Weird

Maroon 5 and Nickelback are adult contemporary?:confused:

Actually, prison inmates are much trustworthier, much fo the time. The ones in the slammer, presuming it’s short of Max Security, don’t want to screw up their parole. The ones outside are probably going to go work for some place with manual labor, where they usually do pretty well even if they’re not totally trustworthy. Those places have a lot of tough, blue collar joes and the prison dudes get reasonable respect but aren’t feared or hated.

I have the original vinyl of these guys…I’ll be right over.

I see your point. I’ve dealt with convicted armed robbers who were on work release going to machine shops and construction work. They were actually fairly stand up guys.

The employees I’m talking about, though, seem to be coming out of welfare to work or rehab situations. Their attitudes are all wrong, and they seem determined not to finish out their full shifts or provide the services in their job descriptions.

That reminds me of a time we went to a Pizza Hut in downtown Redneckville. My sister, who was about 17 at the time, went poking through the jukebox and found, buried amongst all the country records, a Bach album, of all things. She put on some 15 minutes long organ fugue - that’s the kind of teenager she was - and within thirty seconds there were about ten people in line to select their own music. I especially liked the little kid in the next booth who said quite loudly, “Mommy, I don’t like this music!”

Hell, I bet half of them are just your run of the mill self-entitled middle class kids.