Restless Leg Syndrome

Anyone ever heard of this? Its the latest night time malady to effect humans. I think I suffer from it. It is the uncontrollable urge to kick one’s legs or feet just prior to drifting off to sleep which results sometimes in insommnia because it wakes you up. I have ended up on the couch a few times as well because I was kicking the shit outa my lovely wife. I also read an article about people who feel as though they need to “hit their legs” to relieve that feeling. One lady had RLS in the daytime and walked around with bruised legs all the time.
Anyone know of a treatment for this phenomenon?

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No treatment, but I can tell you that I did it a lot as a kid. Once I actually kicked the covers off and kicked the wall almost straight up in the air. Turned my ankle green in the process. Very nasty thing. I seem to have pretty much stopped it now, though. Good luck!

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Not only do I have Restless Legs, but I have Happy Feet.

Give them a low-down beat, and they begin dancing! I’ve got those ten little happy toes; and when I hear a tune, I can’t control my dancing feet to save my soul!

Is this the same thing you are asking about?

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No that is an occasionaly jerk just as you are falling asleep… most everyone experiences this at one time or the other.
My condition is a compulsion to move my legs for sometime (maybe 20-30 minutes) before actually settling down to go to sleep. And then according to my wife I do this even after asleep.
But thanks any way tanstaafl!

“Ward, You’re upsetting the beaver.”
Barbara Billingsley

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that disrupts deep sleep, and keeps your partner awake with you loud snoring/gasping-for-breath noises.

Jerky-leg syndrome is a muscle twitch in the leg that disrupts sleep and bruises your partner.

There are medications that help with the jerky leg syndrome, I forget the name of it, but you should check with a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. Around Chicago, for instance, there’s a sleep clinic at Lutheran General.

There is a whole organization dedicated to this. Their web site is at

Personally, I suffer from this too. Car and plane rides can be really frustrating because it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit still for a long time.

What has helped me is exercise (doing lots of knee bends at rest stops) and kava kava (an herbal). For really serious suffering, I think there are meds that are often taken for Parkinson’s Disease that can help.

This RLS thing sounds weird and unpleasant; another thing to be grateful I don’t have.

I used to have restless body syndrome as a kid. Visiting cousins wouldn’t share the sofa bed with me after one night of being kicked, smacked, and rolled upon; and they could remember for the next visit not to get stuck sharing with me. I frequently woke with my head at the foot and my feet at the head. I guess I grew out of it, because I sleep like a rock now.

After taking Benedryl, I get a type of restless leg syndrome that is miserable.

Okay, I just realized the link was wrong. It’s Sorry about that.

I get this from time to time. Take a lot of calcium and potassium. This always stops it for me.

I have heard that it is a vitamin deficiency which results in misfiring in the neurons. I do not know if this part is true, but the above vitamins ALWAYS work for me.

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Oh, pregnant women often suffer from this due to vitamin defficiency. A friend had it. SHe ate tons of bananas.

“It is misguided to say that the poor have no money due to their disadvantaged status. Clearly, if they did possess capital resources commensurate with those of the wealthy, they would no longer be, strictly speaking, ‘poor.’”

One more thing then I will stop. While it is commonly called restless leg syndrome, where I grew up it was called “The Jimmy Legs.” There was even a Seinfeld episode about it.

I get that when I’m medicated, usually NyQuil. At my house we call it “the foot thing”.

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