Restless leg syndrome

How do you deal with this?
For years I’ve had this as a periodic nuisance when I want to get to sleep; usually the only thing I can do (other than toss and turn trying to go to sleep) is go take 3 aspirin with a gulp of water. This morning, however, I drove 22 miles (Car has an automatic transmission so I don’t use my left leg anyway) to go take a test for a job with L. A. City–and the leg got “restless” while I was taking the test, sitting at a student’s desk in a classroom!
It’s always my left leg, incidentally.
Is aspirin the only remedy for this?

Isn’t potassium supposed to help? Try eating more bananas, maybe.

You might get better answers in GQ.

“I can’t stop my leg!” :wink:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself! :smiley:

Seriously though, Dougie, I have this from time to time as well, and potassium helps me. It’s a nervous system disorder, and I take 99mg (1 tablet) 3 times a day.

Good idea to check with your doctor first though. You didn’t say, but do you also get leg cramps along with the restless leg? Might try some magnesium for that too. But as I say, YMMV.


My neurologist prescribed some Parkinson’s drug. I don’t take it unless I’m having symptoms, which works out to be an average of 3 times a month, maybe.

Works like a charm, though. I get restless leg AND restless ARMS, which are much worse.

search the board… i’ve posted about this before. i used to work on the Q-Vel account. Q-Vel is an otc treatment for nervous legs. you can make your own on the cheap; it consists of quinine sulfate and vitamin e.