Restoring Men's Sensitivity Since 1995

I really don’t know what to make of this. Is it a case of creating a problem where none existed and making money out of men’s self-doubts?

are advertising a leather pouch that fits over the penis and aids the re-growth of the foreskin.

How can you miss something you never had?

If it doesn’t work, you can always wear it on the beach :eek:

Link is NSFW.(no kidding)


Spoiler tag added for anatomically correct link.

I’ve already ordered one, and they threw in a headband that will help me regrow my third eye. I’ll be able to watch 3D movies without the glasses. My parents never even told me about that one, those monsters!

Excellent subject matter/OP name combo!

In other words, “marketing.”

I wish I still had mine.

So why don’t we stop slicing off the end of infant boy’s dicks and let them decide later on in life if they want to have it done.

To preempt the people who are no doubt going to wade in and try and argue as to why genital mutilation is good for infant boys.

I don’t care.

Stop slicing off the end of infant boys dicks. It’s his dick, not yours.

I completely agree. When I was born there was apparently an outbreak of some kind of infection so they de-skinned all the sausages in the Maternity Ward. A bit drastic but I suppose that was the thinking at the time. I would hope they wouldn’t go as mad with the knife these days.

Since I have no experience with a foreskin, I have no idea if it is better with or without. Just some misbegotten marketers trying to convince me that my sex life is second rate or worse. I don’t need a marketer to tell me that.

Ah, is it that time again already? Time to reeducate the latest batch of newbies about the greatest weirdo ever to grace these boards? Gather 'round, young 'uns, and I’ll tell ye the tale of Jack Dean Tyler and his magical Tug Ahoy.

While I find the product amusing, I will give them credit for trying to find a “niche” market. After all it is what American (or any) enterprise is all about. Good luck to them!