Restrictions on gatherings

Inspired by the wedding thread, I’m curious about what, if any, local restrictions you have on people getting together.

Over the summer in England, as restaurants and pubs opened up and people starting reviving family get-togethers, the government maintained restrictions on no more than 30 people gathering together - therefore severely hampering things like weddings. In the past week, as the second wave gets momentum, this has been cut down to 6 people only, ‘The Rule of Six’ it is called. This includes children, so if your family is larger than 6, you can’t then meet up with anyone else (unless you leave a few people at home). No booking tables for 8 in restaurants. Rules in Scotland and Wales vary from this, and are usually stricter; for instance, I don’t think two households can currently meet up at all in Scotland.

None of this applies to school or work, although we’re being encouraged to still work from home if possible.

What’s happening where you are? Are there no such rules in US States?

In Oregon there are different restrictions on a county level (counties that have higher case counts and higher community spread are more restricted). The most restrictive limits are 10 people for indoor gatherings, 25 for outdoor. The least restrictive is 100 people.

In my state there are state mandated metrics that trigger county based actions to control the spread. That system was set up back when we first opened up. Over the summer we kicked up to the next higher category. That triggered greater limits on public places like restaurants. It also mandated masks where before they were only recommended.While my country was in that category the mask mandate got extended statewide for the duration instead of being a part of the step up system.

We scaled back those heightened restrictions almost two weeks ago. We are back in the same category as when we initially opened up. Last week our county new infection total was lower than we were all nominally staying at home.

Good luck with being on the upsurge.

Well, I think that is reasonable, the more people are in a room, the more people will be infected