Resume consulting recommendations

I’ve been happily institutionalized at my current employer for the past six and a half years. My resume is testimony to this, as internal hires can be extremely slack with their resume and still be selected.

I’m still happily institutionalized, but I’m also curious as to what I might find if I hang myself out there for head-hunting nibbles.

I’m embracing my laziness and tenadancy for procrastination. If I leave it to myself to re-invent my resume, I’ll still be leaving it to myself 6 months from now. I also have things that I would like to cite in my resume but have no idea how to do so properly, such as media quotes and interviews.

So…I find myself a wide-eyed innocent in the resume consulting market.

Any dopers out there have experiences and recommendations to share?

If you take a stab at it, I’ll happily give feedback.

A most generous offer, and I’ll certainly keep that in mind. Thank you, Bill H.

I’m actually interested in paying someone (or a company of someones) to revise it for me. I realize now that I wasn’t very clear in my OP. Can anyone recommend such a service? A friend suggested at $199, but she just heard about them somewhere and hadn’t used them first-hand.