Resume formatting Q

So, I’m updating my resume to reflect my summer job and internship, and current employment. My current job is an off-campus job, but a work-study job, meaning that I can only work X number of hours, and that amount is automatically considered to be part of my financial aid package. I had the exact same job last year.

So I’ve got Job A. I held it from last September through May, then went home for the summer, had Job B and Internship A. Now I’m back at school, and again in Job A. I’ve also got a similar situation with working one summer and then winter break, but I’m not as concerned about that, as I was a fast food drone, which isn’t exactly impressive.

How does one indicate this on a resume? Just put the dates in one “entry” - eg, Job A, 9/04-5/05, 9/05-current? Two seperate “entries”?

If it helps, that’s exactly what I have done.

In essense, it shows that you held the same job, with the same company, for two separate periods of time. If you just had 9/04-present, you would mean that you worked non-stop during that time period. In the long run, I think it’s better to show that you worked the job for x-amount of time, then were re-hired for y-amount of time.

If appropriate, there will be time during the interview process for the new job to explain the lacuna, but the fact that the same company was willing to re-hire you after a period of absense shows that this particular company has faith in your abilities, and that something else must have come up to prevent your ability to stay in the position for that period of time. (In my case, I took a temporary job in France, then came back to exactly the same position I had before I left, with no ill-will on anyone’s part.)