Resume writing services? Every use one?

Have you or anybody you’ve know ever used a resume writing service. I have been sending my resume out quite a bit lately and not getting much response. I am not very good at tooting my own horn and tend to discount a lot of things that I do. I just wanted to know if anybody has tried a service and what their thoughts were. Did it work, never do it again, waste of money, worked for them and worth every penny?

The last resume writing service I used was part of a package deal from the company I got laid off from. They were not worth a shit, and they totally F’d up my resume.

I went to the university where I graduated from and they have a resume writing counseling service (free). Now THAT was the smartest thing I ever did. Sometimes simpler is better, I guess. :slight_smile:

Both my husband and I have used a local service here in Toronto. They did a great job and part of the deal was a couple cover letters tailored to jobs we wanted to apply for.

I’m kind of horrible at job hunting and very bad at selling myself so it was really helpful to talk to someone who would ask the questions to pull out the details of what really should be included on the resume.

For my husband it was more proofreading and polishing but still worth it I think. It was almost 3 years ago and I think $150 each.

My spouse used one - total waste of money. But I will say my spouse is an executive in HR, so they felt their resume was in good shape but wanted someone to take it to the next level. Not so much.