Resurrected thread: Enterprise "Dear Doctor"

It would appear that the original thread was one of the many that was lost during the forced transition. One subject brought up in that thread regarded Dr. Phlox’s comment that mating is painful for Denobulans; at least one of us was wondering how they manage to reproduce if it’s so painful. Well, given my current condition, I have developed the theory that Denobulan sex is something akin to getting drunk. It feels good while they’re doing it but they pay for it later.

Maybe it hurts cuz it feels so good, Enterprise has gone where no Star Trek has gone before, Kinky Sex!!
It probably hurts because the women eat the heads of the males if they are hungry. Dr. Phlox has three wives, and he had to become a doctor to afford to feed them all so they wouldn’t eat his head.

I wish I could see Star Trek again. UPN keeps preempting it for basketball where I live… :frowning:

The Chicago Bulls and their new star forward— K’Lak! And K’Lak rips out Shaq’s spleen! Kobe is on the run…No! K’Lak has pulled out a Bat’Leth and…Oh My Lord! Kobe is not gonna get up from that! And K’Lak is on the basket howling at the fans! He’s jumped into the audience! He’s headed this way! No, Stop!-- AAARRRRGGGHHH—****