Resurrected Threads

If you see an old thread (say one that has been pushed back 3 or 4 or 10 pages) and you just can’t stop yourself from posting a comment, here’s a novel idea -

Start a new thread and link to the old!

Goddamn people, how many times to I have to open a thread and get a sense of deja vu only to see the OP was posted months ago? :dubious:

Three or four or 10 pages?

How about those resurrected threads from a few YEARS back? Lately, it’s seemed like the Night of the Living Zombie Threads. Some of the noobs really need to stop digging this stuff up, unless they want to give the one remaining hamster a coronary. :wink:

Starting a new thread and linking to the old one is a great idea, Diane. Maybe the mods will agree and make this thread sticky for a bit? (At least until the noobs stop playing Reanimator, anyway…)

While I agree with what you’re saying. Some of the resurrections are very old indeed.

The 3-4 pages thing can be easily less than a wkend in MPSIMS.

I don’t generally post at wkends so do this quite a bit.

Yeah, it’s more like, don’t reply to a thread you find with a search.

Stand back ! She’s not had her coffee yet.

Again, I agree. Yesterday someone Lazarused a Vanilla Sky thread from friggin’ last July that had been thoroughly threadkilled. Popped in, quoted a couple sentences from one of my posts, and asked a question. I had absolutely no knowledge of what the hell my post was about at that time.

Now I know how witnesses feel in court when asked about the specifics of an event several years in the past.

Come 'ere L_C, so I can lick ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only one who marked on his calander to bring back this thread in two months?

You’re just trying to push me over the deep end, aren’t ya NurseC?

And I think the answer to that, NurseCarmen is yes. Yes, you are.

I don’t want to piss off Diane.


I think that, after the topic is done, we should bump it so everybody remembers not to do it :stuck_out_tongue: .

“Should bump it every two years”.

My bad joke’s ruined forever…

You’ll get it right next year, Aslan.

The worst are the threads in which the OP was later banned. Nothing freaks me out more than when I see “Wildest Bill” or “ORION” in the Thread Starter column and have a momentary body shudder at the thought that they were reinstated.

Dammit! I saw the thread title in the pit, and I thinks to myself, I thinks, "Heh heh heh. I’ll go into the thread and I’ll post,

Heh heh heh – I’m such a funny one!"

But I open the thread, and I find that NurseCarmen has spoiled my spoiling of the joke. Damn you, NurseCarmen! Damn you to hell!


Yeah, you guys are about as funny as chapped buttholes. :wink:

How about a resurrected thread that kills off a fresh thread that was covering new territory on the same topic? Two days ago, dee52269 posted a thread asking, What is the origin of the southern accent? Then jimmmy linked to a nearly year-dead thread on Southern Accents, which had covered the same subject but different ground than the current thread. Then someone (not jimmmy) revived the old thread, the conversation took off in a different direction, and the first thread–after a few more interesting starts–sputtered out. Sheesh.

That did it, this thread is dead. :rolleyes:

Gee, I was going to post to a thread about Silent Hill 2 I found in a search, but I decided against it. I’m glad I did! I don’t want to get the cyber-smackdown laid on me.

I laughed when I saw aha’s thread about oral sex resurrected the other day. Gosh, with a title like “So I was eating my wife’s pussy…”, I wonder what search terms brought up that result…