retaining water like crazy: where do I start?

Standard disclaimer, you’re not my doctor, blah blah…

This has been something of an ongoing saga, but starting about two years ago, when my therapist insisted I try anti-depressants again (which did exactly what I thought it would do – made my mood worse, and made me fat), I’ve had an extra 15 pounds around my middle which falls off if I diet, and comes right back if I eat normally.

Normal diet and exercise habits haven’t changed – I eat fairly well, exercise for about an hour 5 or so days a week (in addition to normal getting-around exercise, like biking to the grocery store), drink 2+ litres of water a day. In fact, I’ve also added in a circus aerial arts class for strength training over the last year.

Recent events lead me to believe that little if any of this weight is actual fat. (I lost 13 pounds and more than 2 inches around my middle in a week while exercising normally, no weakness or lethargy, in fact I felt pretty great.)

My question is, where the heck do I start? I’m going to be seeing my oncologist in a couple weeks anyway for the standard “yep, you’re still fine” check-up. Obviously he’s in the wrong specialty here, but he might be able to point me in the right direction. Or my family doc? What should we be testing for? I don’t think sodium levels or any basic blood tests are off, since I get those twice a year during the oncology check-ups and I’d have to think someone would say something to me if something was wrong.

Some reassurance that this is likely curable would be welcome, too. It’s been really freaking me out, particularly since I’ve already regained 3 pounds and an inch around the middle in just a week of eating normally.

A certain amount of the weight could be glycogen accumulating in your liver when you eat normally… the glycogen bonds with a lot of water when it’s being stored, and a human adult can pack on a few pounds that way. I bet there are doctors or nutritionists on this board who know the real numbers (I’m googling but not finding anything helpful)

I remember seeing something in the not too distant past that mentioned what Sattua brought up, that glycogen ends up adding weight because it carries water along with it. However the OP mentioned that size has changed around the middle. In my experience, added weight from glycogen doesn’t manifest itself in a noticably physical fashion.

Yeah, I agree that it normally doesn’t. What makes me look for answers besides water retention is that Kaio doesn’t say anything about puffy wrists and ankles, which are such a classic symptom.

I was sort of imagining that the liver, being partly below the ribcage (right?), could make the upper abdomen bulge out a bit when enlarged.