return of old time radio

they are doing i version of twilight zone as a oldtiem radio show. i was wondering if it would work to doa old time radio version of james bond and star trek do u think radio drama has a future int eh 21 st century?

Nope, not as a broadcast radio format. Maybe some kind of specialty podcast-thingie.

Though I hear the big bands are coming back…:dubious:

There are no jobs for them, of course, but they’re coming back just the same.

Actually, Pendant Publishing did a series of radio shows using major properties like James Bond, Star Trek and super heroes. Their Star Trek: Defiant was fun, and their *Supergirl *was excellent (with writing more multi-dimensional than season one of the CBS show). Hilarious (as a rehabilitated Metallo tried to function in society despite his proclivity to assimilating random toasters and vending machines), teen-angst-y, and action-packed.

These were all full cast productions with music, sfx and music. And great voice talent.

They stopped all these radio “dramas” at once, except for a couple of originals, and they’d been doing a lot: Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Star Trek and Bond. We all assumed they hadn’t been paying for the rights and got a cease-and-desist order.

So it can be done! Now, as to where to put them, they could be radio broadcasts (look at Prairie Home Companion, or Chapter-A-Day) or podcasts, or web-based mp3s. But I’d pay for 'em!