Return of the son of 'Identify this book thread', now in 3D!

Not an especially challenging one this time.

I didn’t read it that long ago, but I am having a total brain failure trying to remember the title.

It’s a fairly recent sci-fi techno-thriller.

A fairly standard genius protagonist is called in to help out at a secret lab where they are experimenting with Teleportation.

The twist is it’s not just teleporting between locations, it’s teleporting between dimensions. So if you go though you come out the other side in a different parallel world, but the changes are *usually *too small to notice.

The experiments are also ‘messing with the fabric of space time’ attracting inter-dimensional predators and their vaguely Lovecraftain masters.

All fairly standard stuff, but fun and better than i’m making it sound. I wanted to recommend it to a friend who both likes that sort of thing/has a job where he sometimes had boring stuff to do while he listens to an audiobook. But i’ve been racking my brain all morning and I just can’t remember the name.

The Fold, by Peter Clines

This one seems to meet your criteria but is probably too old.

Thaaaatttts the one.

Thanks! Had it on the tip of my brain all day, so frustrating.

17 minutes? We’re slipping, people!

It would have been 15 minutes but I had to check if the title was “THE fold” or just “Fold”.

Sorry for letting down the team :frowning: