Return To L.A. delayed.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve become a partner in a videography studio, and that we’re planning to return to L.A. in November. Looks like there’s a little delay.

Pard Jerry wants to make a film before we leave the PNW. It’s a good story, and we can make it fairly inexpensively since we already have the equipment. IF all goes well, we will have to delay our departure by a couple of months. We’re probably going to self-finance the project. Business has been pretty good lately, and I think we can avoid the hassles of dealing with investors; though there’s the possibility of getting ‘family’ involved. (One guy owns some buildings and a couple of video franchises in Spokane, so he has some money to spare.) Jerry will direct (he’s also writing the script with another guy, with a little bit of input from me), the other writer will star, and I’ll be the Director of Photography. We have a decent gaffer who will probably work for screen credit and a copy of the film. Jerry’s actress sister can co-star. His mom can make the food.

My short 16mm film Somebody is on hold. It really will ‘work’ better in L.A., since it was written for L.A. locations.

I know how difficult it is to make money making movies. I’d really like to relocate to L.A. and put feature-filmmaking on hold until we’re well-established; but we have to strike while the iron is hot, and we should be able to shoot the project in 20 days. (Post production will take a lot longer, of course.) The story, as I said, is a good one. Jerry has a couple of connections that might help us distribute the film. Oh, man… If we can pull this off… :slight_smile:

Does this mean you might still be here on August 12th? Because there is another underground tour that day…the Sin and Debauchery one. I’m going, and if you are still here, I’d like you to come with. Course, you might want to stick around for the after-events, and I’m not planning on it. But you should come anyway.

Oh, and I thought you were already gone, or I’d have been in touch. Sorry.

Yep, I’ll be here August 12th. I’d like to go down for the tour and see you and everyone again. I’ll have to check the schedule though, to make sure I don’t have to work. Probably not, since it’s a Friday.