Return to sender

I mentioned in another thread, that I’d ordered a book that was lost by the USPS. The seller sent a replacement. Well, the original book finally showed up. I did not open the package, since I’ve only bought one book from this seller and it can’t be anything else.

Can I just take write ‘Return to sender’ on it and take it to the Post Office and have them send it back? Or do I have to pay to send it back?

Just give it as a gift. Or if you must, ask the seller what they want you to do first.

If you do that, the sender will have to pay for the return postage. It might be best to ask the seller what to do first. It may not be worth the cost of postage to him to have it returned and may ask you to keep or dispose of it.

I only paid for one book, so it’s not mine to give. The USPS lost it, so the seller shouldn’t be penalised by not getting the book back.

It’s OOP, and the cheapest one on Amazon is ‘Used - Very good (unread condition)’ for $90. I bought one for $40. ISTM it’s worth it to the seller to get it back.

The folks at the post office just hand the envelope back to you when you write return to sender on it. Must be an one of the oldest post office jokes. Well you are the sender, here you go. That one must be at least 50 years old by now.

I have a lot of mail to return for my deceased father, I write “deceased - return to sender” on it and leave it sticking out of my mail slot. It’s always gone when I get home. Is the USPS returning these, or just throwing them away?

The reason I don’t just throw them away is so that the sender will stop sending (mostly investment newsletters soliciting subscriptions).

Is my strategy ineffective?

Sorry to briefly hijack your thread, Johnny, but my question is too slim to warrant its own thread.

That is of course the honorable stance to take, however at this point it’s up to the seller to decide. I agree with asking the seller how they’d like to handle it.

Alas, I have been unable to rid myself of that attribute. :frowning:

It only works if you write the magic formula “Return to sender, address unknown; no such number, no such zone.”

I sent a message to the seller, and did not receive a reply. I called USPS and was told that I could write ‘return to sender’ on the package and just put it into my mailbox. I did, and the Mail Lazy picked it up.