Returner? A japanese film? Good?

I saw and ad for this. Was this movie made in Japan? Is it any good? Has anybody heard about it?

I saw it in theaters and own it. It is Japanese (most of it is in Japanese, but there are English parts). It is okay, but not super great. If you like cheesey sci-fi action movies, then it is pretty good. The best scenes take place in the post-apocolyptic future, but there aren’t many of those. Also, it proves a live action Transformers movie can be done (though whether is should be done is another thing alltogether)

Oh, I am so getting this one. :smiley:

IMDb is your friend.

In my opinion it’s pretty damn awful. However, Miri, the girl from the future, is cuter than a button. I don’t have a Jap fetish, but I think it’s entirely possible to enjoy the film solely thanks to her amazing face.

I too saw it in a theater and thought it was cute and cheesy.

I thought it was pretty bad. It is cheesy, but not cheesy enough to enjoy it solely for that reason.

This flick is pretty damn unoriginal.

And it does seem to follow the Hong Kong/Japanese action film cliche that the biggest psycho in the movie always has to have a blonde dye-job.


I’ve seen it in Japan as rental and it wasn’t that good… Some cool stuff here and there, but not enough to make it worth buying it.

Actually, I thought they were the worse… Especially the foreign actors at the beginning: very bad acting. Frankly, Japanese are just better at making anime!!