Returning posters in the TubaDiva memorial thread

Is there anyway to turn off the smiley face notification every time a returning poster posts in the TubaDiva memorial thread? It just feels wrong.

Probably. But guess who is the only person who could have done it…

You can turn off notifications in your profile preferences. Or selectively for particular topics.

What’s wrong with it? It emphasizes how the sad news is pulling posters out of the shadows to reconnect with the community. I think it is sweet.

It doesn’t bother me. Some of the posters might find it uncomfortable.
I have hopes some will hang around. I’d like to know them.

There were giants in those days. I’m glad of the alert letting me know they’ve come back to pay respects.

Me too. But I think the smiley face icon that accompanies them may be what the OP is objecting to, since it clashes with the somber mood of the thread.

Personally, it didn’t bother me, since it’s a low-key smiley.

The smiley face.

I smile when I see someone who hasn’t posted in many years stopping by to say something.

Also it’s just the sort of quirky thing that would happen on a message board. I think she’d be chuckling about it.

Even in somber occasions we can find good feelings in our memories of Jenny, and in seeing how greatly liked she was by these Dopers returning to pay their respects. Hopefully our emotions are still a bit more complex than simple emojis and can deal with this.

Yes, people smile and for that matter laugh at funerals, and that isn’t necessarily disrespectful.

Having discobot do it for us is rather jarring, though; at least, for me.

As a matter of principle, The poster ought to be in control of the contents of his post.

Oh no. I hadn’t seen the other thread yet… :cry:

No it’s a very positive thing imo. It’s a proverbial wake virtual idk it’s real. So Supernatural Smiles welcoming old/wandered off or lost in space names, Glad to see it happening!