Reusable Menstrual you/would you use them?

While reading Lamebook, a site that makes fun of what people post on Facebook, one lady posted something about using reusable pads, and shared a link to Etsy. Being curious, I went to the site, and found this.

I asked my wife if she’d use them. She says no fucking way, and mentioned something about a heavy flow.

Any thoughts/anecdotes about these you’d care to share?

I think they would need to be chainged fairly often if the flow were heavy, but if you bought a dozen of these you could manage without having to run to the washing machine every two hours.

Not even once. I hate even disposable pads (use tampons), and the idea of washing them–no thanks.

You could wipe your ass with a towel and wash it every day if you wanted, but nobody does that.

Personally I like icky body stuff to be sent to the trash bin and taken away, never to be seen again. Not handled with care by me at a later time.

I use a silicone menstrual cup (Diva Cup), so I might consider it for those spotting-type days. Not for actual serious flow.

I use them and they’re great! I get mine from Lunapads (same folks that sell DivaCups) and they make different sizes, plus they make liners you can easily stack up for heavier days. They’re much more comfortable than anything disposable, cheaper in the long run since you buy them once, and you never have to worry about running out or not having any when your period starts.

As far as any squickiness of dealing with the used pads, I’d say the benefits far outweigh that and you just… get over it. It’s no more gross than dealing with dirty underwear or anything else. Wash your hands and move on.

Yet plenty of people do cloth diapering for their babies. Same idea of trying to put less stuff in a landfill; easier to deal with.

Sounds disgusting. I can’t see how it could possibly deal with heavy flows without changing them every minute, and what about… chunks. Having once had a large chunk slide down my leg due to faulty menstrual planning… no. f*cking. way.
(Compare to: menstrual cup, which doesn’t appeal to me a for a couple of reasons, but doesn’t seem disgusting)

I’ve used them. I really don’t like washing them and prefer to look for other ways to reduce landfill waste like not using plastic bags.

When I feel a huge clot making its way out, I get to the ladies room asap and sit on the toilet until the clot is expelled.

Count me among those who think, if you want a “green” solution to feminine hygiene, a menstrual cup is the way to go.

Now, this next part is really too fucking TMI. I wouldn’t use a reusable pad, even if it came in the Exxon Valdez size, because that’s what I’d need. The reason I wouldn’t use it is because I don’t like the sensation of the chunks passing out of my body. Maybe it’s because I have such a distinct memory of being 6 weeks pregnant and scared to death because I could feel the blood pulsing out. (The outcome of that pregnancy is now 14, by the way. :slight_smile: ) Anyhoo, I hate pads of any ilk, because that sensation is so icky.

I would probably not have given these much consideration UNTIL I developed an allergy to the adhesive used on disposable pads. (What is more annoying than having your period? Having your period + hives.) I primarily rely on tampons, but have reusable, non-adhesive pads on hand for back-up.

I have yet to find a good substitute for band-aids. I know people use gauze pads and paper tape, but that is such a production because paper tape isn’t that sticky so you have to use a lot of it.

It depends. Are we living in a post-apocalyptic world which would make producing goods difficult if not impossible? If not, no.

Firstly, they’re too effin’ pretty! Secondly, they’d control my flow about as effectively as a piece of saran wrap, most likely!

delphica, not to hijack but have you tried Vetrap? Its a wrap that sticks to itself but not to you (it does not stick to hair or skin). Natural latex gives it reusable stick; you can unwrap and re-wrap without losing the self-adhesive quality. You can get the same thing made for people, but it costs a lot more and isn’t any different. (and doesn’t come in fun colors!)

I made my own and used them for a while. I’d do it again if I had to but I prefer great big ol’ maxi pads. Sometimes I need two patched together like a freakin diaper. The homemade kind are good for the low flow days.

You ladies are making me laugh about the “chunks”.

I cloth nappy Baby From Mars, use washclothes instead of baby wipes and used washable breast pads, but I don’t think I’d use these. First off I prefer tampons (less smell), and I reckon blood is harder to get out than other stains, so I doubt they’d get completely clean. Now I’ve had a baby, I’m going to invest in a diva cup instead once my period returns.

So what about reusable crotchet tampons???
what about knitted?

I prefer the disposable pads but depending on the situation a reusable one wouldn’t necessarily bother me. I hate tampons with the passion of 1,000 firey suns so those are almost never an option, but if I were in a situation where I knew disposable pads weren’t going to be an option I’d use the reusable pads.

I use them!

Normally I use a Diva Cup (best thing in the world) but I’ll use a reusable pad (I have Glad Rags) now and then around the house on light days. I like to use them overnight near the end of my period, where I may or may not spot and don’t really want to bother with the cup. I also keep one of the small liners in my purse for any emergencies. Usually I don’t go out and about with them- it’s more of something I use at home when I’m just not feeling the cup for whatever reason.

I don’t find them gross at all- washing them is like washing a pair of stained panties. Mine are burgundy, and so you don’t even really see the blood.

Anyway, I don’t use them often, but now and then I do and they are a nice thing to have around. I haven’t purchased or throw away a single menstrual product in four years!