Reusing a computer monitor - does this product exist?

So I have a few spare computer monitors around, and I got to thinking…

I believe I have seen some hardware you can buy to use your computer monitor as a TV, sans computer. Here are a few:

Does anyone know of some hardware to turn a computer monitor into a digital picture frame? I see a lot of digital picture frame on the market, and the larger ones top out around 10" (there are a few 15" ones) and they are $200 and even more…

I know I can hook up a computer to do this, but I am looking for something much simpler - say something that has a vga connector, a sd card slot, and just a button few buttons to control it.

I’m thinking if there was a way I could just get the hardware that powers those those digital picture frames, but supplied my own monitor instead, I could buy a cheaper product, and use it with a bigger screen.

Yes, but it sucks:

I bought one to do this with, but I wasn’t happy with the quality. It also only outputs video, not VGA.

From what I’ve heard, the easiest DIY path to a digital frame involves an old laptop, though this guy seems to have managed with much less. The requirements for hardware end up being 99% of a PC anyway.

I’ve seen some multi-format card readers that have TV out and some kind of firmware to enable simple slideshows, but I haven’t seen any with VGA out - and I think they’re going to be few and far between, or are going to include computing functions you don’t need, and will therefore be expensive.

And if these are CRT monitors we’re talking about, the whole thing is going to suck.

Oh, there not… I have a various 15, 17 and 19 inch LCD monitors. I currently use a 24 inch lcd, so these smaller ones serve me no other purpose.

Over time, I’d think that many people will have this same issue. Sure, a big bulky CRT is destined for the trash heap. But a thin (but smaller) lcd? Perhaps less than optimal for everyday computing use, but hardly junk.

It can be done - I’m sure - you could hack one of those thin client machines (abundant on eBay) to boot Linux from a card reader and have it run a slideshow, but that’s a heck of a job, and might not work.

I was thinking there might be something here that satisfied your needs (BTW, I don’t know anything about the reliability of that site), but found nothing.

I think it’s going to be hard to find a solution that is less complex, more attractive and less expensive than just buying a digital picture frame and throwing the old monitors away or selling them. It’s the VGA input that’s doing it - you either need a computer of some kind, or a media player device with TV out, and a converter to turn this into VGA. Neither of these options is going to be cheap.

Every monitor I’ve seen for the past 15-20 years has the same 13-pin (15-pin?) trapezoid jack. But my very first, which I got around 1985 for my Apple IIe, had a plain RCA-type jack for the video, and the same audio jack as used on iPods today. I had absolutely no problem hooking it up to my cable box and vcr. Worked wonderfully. It had only a 13-inch screen, but long after I stopped using the Apple, it was essentially a free tv set. Still used it until the crt tube blew about five years ago.

I see that you can get VGA To RCA cables Combine that with one of the Card readers with TV Out, like this
Link to SanDisk website and you may have what you are looking for.

However you may need adapters for the RCA cables to go from male to female connectors.

Try and search for ‘"picture frame’. I didn’t look closely at any of the projects, but there are quite a few hits.

Current computer monitors have resolutions higher than TVs, so they have different connectors and signals, hence why the cables switched from a regular video to a specialized one.