REVENGE! now in glorious technicolor(tm)

for my first post, i’d like to bare my soul, cleanse my bosom, as it were. rid myself of the painful guilt i’ve been feeling yea these past 9 years since getting revenge on an ex for his slimy dumping behavior.

it was my first year of college, and i, being a naive young thing, got involved with a rugby player (i should’ve known!) with schizophrenic tendencies. one day we were an item, the next day we weren’t, and so on. i was so gaga over him that i didn’t give two craps, or three, for that matter.

long story short: he dumped me.

it just so happened that e-mail at our uni was in its infancy. our account name consisted of our three initials, follwed by the last four digits of our social security #. this info was listed in the uni e-mail directory. the password was, get this: our birthday.

having dated for a few months, i found out his birthdate was actually close to mine, which caused it to stick rather firmly into my noggin. enter my bad, baaaaad deed…

i accessed his account one evening and proceeded to send e-mail to all of his friends and family back home. this was after reading everything in his inbox and gleaning what i could about his correspondence. yes, it was highly emotional, dramatic e-mail i sent, from his perspective, telling everyone that the reason he had been lax in sending any news out to everyone was because he was at a crossroads in his life now, ever since he realized he was gay.

my bad. he never found out. i did a bad bad thing. bad girl. bad!

Welcome to the SDMB. Stay the hell away from me.

**Bodice Ripper **, I’d like to say welcome, and I like your way of thinking :smiley:

Its actually rather similar to an act of revenge I perpetrated on my ex who dumped me under strenuous circumstances.

After we’d broken up, a lot of his friends still remained friends with me, and I was in our local supermarket with one of them one day, and she said to me, “You, know what Angua, we’re amazed that P**l actually found someone who’d sleep with him”. Now, you have to bear in mind here that we didn’t, because I didn’t want to, and so here came my evil revenge! I simply said to her, “We never did.” To which she replied,

“Why not, he’s been telling everyone that you did.”

My reply was less than ladylike, I simply countered with, “Well, we tried, but he had a minor problem in keeping it up.”

Oh, did I mention my department was fairly close knit? Oh, and that my friend was the biggest gossip in Cambridge?

No? Well she was :smiley:

Bodice Ripper and Angua - You are both evil EVIL people. Oh Goody! Friends after my own heart!

Picture this - College - mid 80’s

he: football - me: drama queen (literally) - dated for 2 years.

He insisted the girl whom he lived next to - girl #2 - was just a friend. (Turns out she was a friend he slept with, often.) Well, over springbreak, she and I came to an understanding.

He came back from springbreak married to Girl #3.

So, Girl #2 and I got roaringly drunk and signed him up for every record and tape club known to man. (columbia house, bmi, etc) We pledge to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME we come across an entry form.

After 10 years I finally stopped.

(Yep - just a little bitter)

thanks, angua. i knew i wasn’t the only gal who’d done it. and, well done on your own quick thinking, by the way!

i’d like to add that i am happily married now; so any of you men who are living in fear that they might run into me on the dating scene may breathe a sigh of relief. :slight_smile:

hey devena–

i hope you grabbed a few of those “send away for information on how to stop bedwetting” pamphlets while you were at it–nothing says “i care” like inundating someone with tons of personal information on their incontinence.

I am never speaking to another woman ever again.

I may not even leave my house.