Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Wasteful Packaging


Yanni & the Blood Demons From Hell

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Is Your Likely Reaction to Our Music

The Angina Monologues

the Brown Bread Band featuring the late Orson bean

Constantinople, not Istanbul

Demois Dysthymiatopoult and The Dreary

Ectoplasmic Discharges Of The Ethereal Pronoun


(Arena-rock tribute band from the deep South)

Golfing with Stoats

Hotel Krakatoa

I Beg Your Indulgence… And Your Cash

Johnny Credit

kORN on the kOB

The Loose Lips That Sank Those Ships

Monkees, the Virus

The Nuclear Wessels

Ornery Old Odalisques

The Pop Corns