Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z (Part 1)

The old thread was just auto-locked after reaching Discourse’s maximum of 10,000 posts, so carrying on with a new thread.

The last post from the old thread:

Frickin’ Fracking

Gosh, I Maxed Out The Thread!

Here’s to Another 10,000 Posts!

I Don’t Know The Alphabet

Just Kidding, I Know the First Half of the Alphabet

Klingon Demitasse

Let’s See If We Can Hit 10K Again.

Mathematically Challenged Dingoes

No Goddamned Stoats

Or Tami, Ok?

Plum Nuts

Quokkas Forever


Still Waters Don’t Run At All

The Toxic Masculines

The Unquiet Dead Eat Popcorn

Vehicular Regicide

Worm War II

Xactly What I Was Thinking

You Always Live Once