Made up band names A-Z

List your submission for humorous and/or unlikely band names.
Apes of Wrath

Bedknobs and Boomsticks

Dead Baron

<oops! Someone do C>

Crass Shirt

Vomit of the Socialists

(The) Diaphragms. (and yes, it’s an all-girl band)

[remember, bands are listed in alphabetical order A-Z.]

Eating Raoul

Flash Bang

Genius Christ

Hummus Mixer

(To make up for my errant #5 post, sorry)

The Intestines

Jizz Fungus

Kudzu Death

Looney Alphonse and the Puerile Five

Madmen Across The Water

Norwegian Coke Lines

The Oddfellows

Pepper & the Winkles

Q and the Continuum

Ruh Roh!