Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Igneous T. Riley

Javier and the Really Big Belch

Kelvin and the Celsius Sisters

Loving Our Name


Not Too Loud and Not Too Quiet but Juuust Right

The Originally Unoriginals feat. Tami

The Plural Apostrophe’s

The Queen’s Heat Rash

Ruminants of Uranus and the Jacob Wibble Steam Telescope.

Saving Our Good Name For The Next Show

Typo Negative

The Usual Degenerates

The Vapid Horde

We Love Our Name Too Much To Tell You What It Is

Xander and the Rest of Those Darned Meddling Kids

Yesterday’s Rad Sound

Zephyrs of Quality Breeding and High Distinction

And I’d Have Gotten Away With It If It Weren’t For Those Meddling Kids

BOO! Sorry. I Lash Out When I’m Nervous