Revenge of the polls

I was wondering why polls have been disabled on this board. Concerns about bandwidth appear to be misplaced, considering that the old-fashioned alternative involves a myriad of individual posts. Furthermore, polls allow for the possibility of anonymous voting and regular threads are a poor replacement when it comes to deeply personal and potentially embarrassing questions. And let’s face it, those are really the most interesting kinds of questions.

I realize that the admins are otherwise busy and this is pretty far down the list of priorities. I simply ask that they please consider turning this feature back on, perhaps on a trial basis, should they ever find themselves with too much time on their hands and the inclination to poke away at the forum software. Thank you.
N.B. Rico graciously allowed a second thread on the subject.

Didn’t we play this already?

Thought so.

Big shout out to Rico for giving the rest of us a heads up on this.


We are not currently using polls on this site. We may reconsider the option when Jerry has finished fixing our current problems. We do not wish to add to his burdens by opening up new potential problems while he’s still fixing other ones.

So hold on and let Jerry do his thing. And we’ll get back to you.