Reverse Discrimination?

Let me start by saying that I DO NOT want this to turn into a racial battle, and I in NO means want to portray a prejudice attitude, but I want to know what others think of this.

The other day, as I sat watching television, I saw a commercial that said “Give to the United Negro College Fund” (I’ve also seen "Give to the United Asian College Fund). Now that’s fine and good, but I’m wondering what would happen if someone started a college fund in which the money ONLY went to white people, and then advertised “Give to the United Caucasian College Fund”. Would other races accuse them of racial discrimination? Are whites the ones being discriminated against in some cases?

Again: Please, no racial slurs or prejudice remarks in this thread, and Slythe, please feel free to close this thread if it gets out of hand. This is just a question of curiosity.

I think it probably would be perceived as racial discrimination. Also many things which are considered Politically Incorrect if referred to women are not considered so when referred to men.

The playing field is not level and I guess minorities and women have been on the short end for a long time and Political Correctness and reverse discrimination are ways to level things out.

I know that there is a group called the NAAWP. I have no idea what their mission is or what their beliefs may be, but I’m sure that they are viewed as racist by many people.

If I recall correctly, the NAAWP is founded by David Duke, failed Congressional/Senatorial/Gubernatorial canadiate and ex grand wizard of the KKK. He’s toned down his retoric in recent years, but he’s still faithful to his little cause. most people just ignore him.

I think we’ve tried to go over this before in another thread. I know we have because I posted to it. You know why they have a United Negro College Fund yet you ask this question anyway. If you are looking for someone to agree with your “reverse discrimination” views then you will find a few here at the SDMB that agree with you. However, just because you do does not necessarily make the idea of reverse discrimination right. I personally think it’s a crock! If white men hadn’t dominated the world for so many centuries then the point would be moot. If black people in this country were actually given a fair chance since they were given their freedom from slavery then we wouldn’t even need to discuss this subject. As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as “reverse discrimination”. White people are not discriminated against in this country, period.


I love it when people say ‘period’ at the end of their posts, because it means I don’t have to think about that issue anymore. Problem is, it totally screws me up when someone makes a subsequent post that expresses a different view. Didn’t they see the period? Is it a bug of some kind in the message board?

Note: This post is unrelated in content and therefore respects the ‘period’.

For the record, the United Negro College Fund does not, as it’s primary mission, give scholarships to black people. It gives scholarships to people attending a consortium of 39 historically black colleges. It also gives operating money directly to the colleges.

An example of a fund that gives support to the students and operations of an historically white college is called the Yale endowment fund.

manhattan - can always count on you. That makes sense, but I only used the UNCF as one example. I know a man who was refused a job because he was white. The company he was applying to had to meet it’s “quota” of minority employees. They ended up hiring a lesser qualified minority simply because they needed one. Although, I’d dare say that it was white people who caused this “quota” to be installed in the first place.

Needs2know - I’m not looking for someone to agree with me, I really am interested in other’s opinions on this subject. It’s also not my fault that some of my forefathers were assholes. Hell, look what our sorry asses did to the Native Americans…

I think that this thread is more suited for the Great Debates.
Up we go!

Welcome Ozone! You must be quite new here in GD if you missed the three pages of heated discussion in the Racist Scholarships debate a short while ago. We went over pretty much all of this ground fairly thoroughly and even ended harmoniously (wow).


As manhattan mentioned, some UNCF funds benefit whites, especially in recent years.
I’ve heard the “I have a friend” story a thousand times, but have never been a witness to a less qualified minority getting preference over a white because of race. I’ve worked in the construction trades for most of my life. With pretty much all races. And I like it that way.
“Reverse Discrimination” to me would mean to give advantage to someone because they are of a minority. I hope I got it right.
I skipped most of those other posts because I tend to get all worked up when I hear white people whining about “reverse discrimination”. Minorities have a long way to go yet before we can justify complaints about discrimination against us white people. Take a look at the top of most corporate ladders.
mangeorge (Gonna catch hell)

Well, I still want to know who the hell came up with the term “reverse discrimination” anyway. Does that mean that there isn’t any discrimination? It was probably invented by the same idiot who started using the word, “irregardless.” Discrimination is discrimination–no matter which direction it is pointing!

Do you know the ‘lesser qualified minority’ or are you simpy taking your friends word? Sounds a little like sour grapes. Maybe the guy they hired was better qualified. Maybe your friend, well…someone who does not interview well.

Um, I don’t think anyone could make much of a case that reverse discrimination is the greater of two evils after reading Black Like Me, in which a white journalist and writer with a very solid resume tried to get a job with any number of newspapers while pretending he was black. They seemed to genuinely regret that they couldn’t offer him anything, although he must surely have been a bigger fish than had ever applied to them.
My advice to white people is to count your blessings and live with it, really…

Loser, wasn’t Black Like Me written like 30 years ago?

What we got down to in the other thread was that, yes, the scholarships are discriminatory. By definition a scholarship that exclude a certain race is discriminatory. However, we disagreed strongly on whether or not the discrimination was justified.

I think it is not. Many of my left leaning SDMB brethren believe that it is justified because of the supposed unlevel playing field.

I would bristle if anyone told me that I was disadvantaghed and neede special help in order to succeed. Kind of like being put in special ed.

There’s a great amount of reverse discrimination as far as college acceptance goes. I understand that Affirmative Action is intended to get those who would not be able to get a chance to go to good schools/get hired by good employers to be able to do these things, but it’s done wrongly. A white, poor inner-city teenager has just as hard a time getting out of there and getting a great education as a black, poor, inner-city teenager. What irks me, is that if you have pretty good grades, decent SATs, and have done some activities in HS, and you’re black, or especially Native American, you will, in all likelyhood get accepted to Harvard, Yale, etc… If you’re white, you’ve got to be at the absolute top of your class, have outstanding SATs and be involved in everything. Even then, you will have a hard time getting in. It’s not really fair. I’m not asking for a white advocacy rule…what needs to happen is a COLOR-BLIND ADMISSION POLICY. No quotas, and applicants have no opportunity to check a race on their apps…base them solely on academic and extra-curricular performance. That’s fair. Some people will say names are a problem, since there are many names that are only used by blacks, or asians, or other races…so just make your app your soc. security number. They find out your race after you’re accepted. It’s nuts.


Reverse discrimination is a favorite whine of bigots. No matter how much they protest in this “politically correct” climate, no matter how many seemingly rational arguments that can be made for “reverse discrimination”…It’s comes from a sad little place in the hearts of people who can’t stand the idea that giving someone else a hand up is denying them access to something…snivel, snivel, whine, burp.

Needs2know…leans to the left so badly she almost falls right over!

It’s interesting how White guys complain about reverse discrimination and ask why we can’t have color-blind hiring and admissions policies. Why didn’t White guys complain about discrimination when Black people couldn’t get decent jobs or go to good schools thirty years ago?
In addition, why is it that when a Black man or a woman of any color is hired instead of a White man, the White guy complains that the successful candidate is less qualified? Isn’t it possible that the other person is more qualified?
A company that hires stupid employees won’t last long in a competitive business environment, so I tend to believe that the HR departments are going for the brightest candidates of any color.
I suspect that the biggest whiners are the mediocre White guys who long for the days when having a penis and a White skin were automatic admission tickets to success.

So two wrongs make a right? Is that what I am to understand from some of you? I agree with evilbeth. Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination. What’s the cut-off point, and who gets to say when we’ve reached it? If we institutionalize discrimination, who’s to say that it won’t get out of control and turned around later on down the road? It could be decided that it went too far, and to make up for it, we are now going to discriminate against the group that the institutionalized discrimination was originally intended to benefit. If the government says that it’s acceptable to discriminate against one group, why couldn’t it turn around and say that it’s acceptable to discriminate against another group? Hmmm… seems like we’ve seen that somewhere before.

When I applied to the Houston Police Department (HPD), they had two standards for applicants. One for white males, and one for everyone else. I don’t remember all of the differences, but the one that stood out like a sore thumb and consequently made me remember it was that a white male couldn’t have EVER used an illegal drug. Everyone else… as long as they hadn’t used within the last 2 (IIRC) years. That is wrong no matter how you slice it, and I don’t understand how anyone could argue otherwise with a straight face. A court order (I think from Judge William Wayne Justice (cool name for a judge huh?)) mandating that the HPD have its employees race and sex profile match that of the community is what brought these two different standards about. The problem was not that HPD was simply not hiring the non-white-male applicants. The problem was that non-white-male people were not applying to become HPD officers in the first place. The standards had to be lowered for the non-white-male applicants to ensure that a larger percentage of the ones that applied were accepted.

I understand that in some areas white males still have a social advantage over “minorities”, but I still maintain that two wrongs do NOT make a right. (I don’t think that Judge William Wayne Justice was very just (if he was, indeed, the judge involved).) I think that the solution is to fervently prosecute violators of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 / 1991.

BTW, in case someone thinks that there may be some “sour grapes” involved with me here, that is not the case. I withdrew my candidacy on my own after finding out about a congenital spinal deformity that could potentially be dangerous in police work. I’ve never used an illegal drug (not that I’m against it, it’s just that they never interested me before), so the differing standard that I mentioned had no bearing on me.

And by the way Needs2know, are you just posting a little factoid, or are you suggesting that the people who may disagree with you here are bigots? It’s fine with me (in fact, I applaud it) if an individual or an organization wants to give someone a “hand up”. The problem I have is when the government MANDATES discrimination. That is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG… I don’t know if I can say that enough. The only hand the government should have in dealing with discrimination is to punish it when it breaks a law.

Period. :wink: (That’s for you, Dumbguy)

In one sentence you close the debate on political correctness and dismiss all rational [sounding] arguments.

I guess all that leaves is ranting, rhetoric and anecdote.

What I love is people who will deny one an opportunity based on the color of one’s skin in the name of fairness.

" If nedds2Know and I walked down the street holding hands, we would balance perfectly"