Reverse SETI question: If You Could Send A Message...?

Suppose scientists decided to send a message to an extra-solar civilization (like the message we’re listening for, with SETI), and you were put in charge of what to say. The brainiacs say your message will reach them in about a billion years, give or take a few hundred million. You can send them anything you want: music, karaoke, classic literature, porn, a personal message, anything you want.

What do you send them?



Take my wife… please.

It’s not SETI, although it’s related. The field is called CETI, the Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence and in fact we have sent multiple messages like this. Probably the most famous is the Aricebo Message but of course there are our faithful letter carriers, the Voyager probes, and more recently the Cosmic Call and A Message From Earth programs.



Kilroy Was Here

You may have all these worlds, save Europa. Attempt no landings there.

Please preheat your ovens to 325. We’ll be there shortly.

Thanks. I didn’t know there was such a thing as CETI.

Hope they’re not saying saying anything bad about us…

Or, at least not about me.

Wikipedia would be a poor choice, I think, especially if they got to see any of the comments pages. They’d invent time travel just to come back in time and kill us.

“The trick is to bang the rocks together, guys!”

I laughed!

I dunno, it just looks like a picture of Stewie to me.

Then the message is, “Some day you will all bow before me!”

How do you stop a cascading black hole? Need answer fast.


Leeroy Jenkins!!!

Wins the thread.

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