Reverting to old OS after Win7 pro install fail. Need answer soonish.

I have a Toshiba Satellite that was running 7 home premium. Through my school I got a copy 7 Pro X64 with (I thought) a valid product key.

During installation the setup will not accept the product key. Says the key is invalid. I can’t seem to simply cancel the install and revert back to home premium. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and it keeps trying to install pro, gets to the product key screen, lather rinse repeat.

So I have a bad key. Can at least revert back to my old OS?


If you got the key through your school can’t you contact them about the problem?

Here are some Google results:

Can’t you ignore the invalid key warning and keep on installing? You will then have to put up with the nag screen till you locate the correct key from the school.

You should be able to bypass the key page then worst case here are the steps to contact activation support which is free

How do I bypass the activation screen? Whenever I enter the key it tells me that the key is invalid and asks me to reenter the key. Over and over. I can’t seem to skip it.

Can’t you just click the X and close the window?

No, there is no X in the corner. Just a “next” box in the lower right corner and a back arrow in the upper left corner.

It’s a little late, but you might not have needed to reinstall Windows. You could have used Windows Anytime Upgrade if you were keeping the same platform (x32 to x32 or x64 to x64).

Which install set are you using? If you’re using a Toshiba or Dell or HP set, it might be locked to Toshiba or Dell or HP install keys.

If you can’t skip the key, you can always try a generic key. FJ82H-XT6CR-J8D7P-XQJJ2-GPDD4 appears to be the one for Windows 7 Pro. I make no promises that you won’t have to reinstall to put in the proper key, though, as it is technically a KMS activation key.

Still, if you need to get access to that computer, it might be something you’d be willing to try.

Note to mods, this key is publicly available. It does not actually activate any copy of Windows 7. It just lets you get through the installation.

And, yes, Microsoft always recommends that you upgrade from your existing copy of Windows, even if you do a clean install.

Well I appear to have killed the OS. It shut itself down, went to the boot menu, restarted itself, went back to the boot menu, restarted… and has stayed in that cycle since.


google Toshiba Satellite reset… then you can reset to factory OS etc…loses everything though.