Reviving a laptop with an ESD - how and why?

Can anyone tell me what happened to my laptop - a HP elitebook.
I was using it on the battery and ran it down IIRC. Next day it won’t turn on - absolutely nothing happening, a brick. I check the power supply with another laptop and it’s fine.
Quick google and this chap has a youtube clip on doing an electrostatic discharge on a laptop to get it going again (basically unplug, drop the battery, hold the power button down for 30 secs). God bless him, it works, and the laptop is now working fine.

What has happened here with the ESD? More importantly, how do you think the laptop stopped working in the first place, and is it likely to do it again?

This has nothing to do with ESD.
This just discharges any residual power supply voltage so that the internal power control circuit resets to a known state. This will only work wither certain laptops. On others, it mat be necessary to pull the PRAM battery.

I have recently had an HP Laptop (an HP Probook in my case) with a similar problem. Busy Scissors, when you say absolutely nothing happened, do you really mean absolutely nothing? In my case, the light in the power button and a couple of other small lights on the keyboard (I think one on Caps Lock and another to indicate wireless connectivity) would come on, but there was no attempt to boot: the hard drive gave no sign of attempting to spin and the hard drive light would not come on.

Mine has been with a repair guy for the past three weeks but he does not seem to be getting anywhere with it. He says the hard drive and the RAM are OK, and I believe he has attempted to flash the BIOS, but the thing still is not starting. Would this treatment work, I wonder? (It seems unlikely. After he has been inside poking around, surely any residual charge would be gone, but I don’t know.)

Come to that, does anybody have any other ideas about what might be done? The machine is only a little bit over a year old. (The guy told me that HP laptops are known for this sort of start-up problem, but that was when he thought the issue was a corrupt BIOS, and it does not seem to be that now.)

Yes, absolutely nothing was happening on attempted power-up. No lights, no fan, no disk spinning - nada.
I hope you can get your machine sorted out njtt. I’m happy that such a simple fix sorted mine, but still a bit apprehensive that it happened in the first place.