Revolution Question from Someone WHo has Never Watched

I never started watching because I could not really come to grips in my mind with the idea that there is no electricity, a naturally occurring phenomena that has very firm pysics behind it. Saying thhere is no electricity, in my mind, would be akin to saying there is no gravity. Is there any explanation given as to what happened, or is it a macguffin, more or less.

“A wizard did it.” People complain about that a lot with this show. I remember one poster on another board asking if lightening still existed, or static electricity.

On the one hand, I guess people would stop having seizures. On the other hand, I guess that’d be a side effect of their brains no longer working.

Not to mention all atoms suddenly flying apart.

Yeah you gotta just accept a lot of far-out stuff to watch the show. I will say they keep the plot moving though, there are practically no “story of the week” episodes. And they kill off characters once in a while, I like that. No one is immune. Except maybe Charlie (the daughter.)

I finally got around to watching the latest episode last night.

That’s the second time they’ve senselessly killed off a major character this season. And the second time this season that they’ve embarked on the “character is dead! Wait! Gotcha! They’re alive, after all!” meme.

I realize they’ve kind of boxed themselves in with the fantastical “no working machines” thing, and they have to do SOMETHING to keep things interesting, but this last episode seemed very contrived.