Revolutionary Groups in the USA

Nor did I claim otherwise. I took exception to your assertion that following the next election the government will be overthrown.

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No you will not. denquixote, this is an official warning. I explicitly told you to take this discussion to GD if you wanted to continue it. Do not continue arguing this line in this forum.

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It may be yet. However, I am going to leave it here for now in the hope that posters will respond to Frylock’s clarification that he is looking for illegal, revolutionary groups dedicated to overthrowing the government. Political machinations by parties that are part of the government itself are not part of this discussion.

Then please provide your definition of “overthrown” so that I can know what we’re talking about.

For the sake of leaving this in GQ, let’s consider it to be by means of armed force.

I already did. An election does not “throw over” or “overturn” the government. Those both imply not merely change, but radical change at a fundamental level. This simply doesn’t happen as the result of an election, no matter how different the electees may be to the outgoing administration.

Revolutionary Communist Party USA Here are some of their considered thoughts on the matter:

League for the Revolutionary Party: “A workers’ state can be created only through a socialist revolution that overthrows the capitalist state. We reject the theory of “deformed workers’ states” not created by any workers’ revolution. There can be no peaceful transformation from capitalism to socialism: the capitalist state must be smashed through an armed workers’ insurrection.”

And who would organize that insurrection?

A socialist revolution must be led by a proletarian vanguard party.

Slight nitpick, but I asserted that following the next election the administration, not the government, would be oberthrown.

Measure for Measure, just to clarify, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA is not to be confused with the Communist Party USA (which has been around for some time and is not advocating the violent overthrow of the government.)

Ah oh. Sean went gentle.

Since I have been informed by denquixote in an e-mail that he made his last post before seeing my last instructions, I am rescinding the official warning. However, I am assuming that denquixote now is fully informed about the rule about political commentary in GQ and will refrain from such remarks in the future.

True, and there are approximately 1 gizillion communist/socialists variants, with a range of stances regarding the struggle against the rulers of international western capitalism and their lackies in the police state, media and other petty bourgeois institutions. Let us examine the program of the Communist Party USA, emphasis added by me:

Don’t believe 1/4 inch short of federal gun laws constitutes a revolutionary movement.

Great Documentary on the Weather Underground. It’s in nine parts and there’s an annoying watermark that appears and fades throughout, but it’s still watchable and well worth it. Enjoy.

And a few irregularities on income tax filings don’t constitute a major crime syndicate. The government takes what it can get, when it doesn’t screw itself up entirely.

Randy Weaver did believe in the Aryan Nations dogma and was associated with the organization. In fact, the whole sawed-off shotgun thing was a sting operation by the FBI to infiltrate the Aryan Nations. (And yes, an Idaho jury found the whole thing was entrapment. I mentioned the government screwed itself up, didn’t I?) Then the government decoyed Randy with a ‘stranded motorist’ to get him into jail and hauled him before a judge on the weapons charges. The judge mistakenly told Randy he could lose his house, ensuring that after Randy posted bond he and his wife would barricade themselves and go completely insane. Here’s what Vicki wrote to “The Queen of Babylon” (also known as the US Attorney’s Office in Boise):

Revolutionary rhetoric, if completely ineffective.

More importantly, the Ruby Ridge incident was used as a huge rallying cry and casus belli for more serious, if no more successful, quasi-fascist and fascist revolutionary groups. The Weavers were frightened people with odd beliefs and aggressive, radical friends. You could probably say the same for a number of people in any revolution. They’re notable now, and I mentioned them, mainly because the real scary types took their name and ran with it. McVeigh, for example.

You might want to look at The Intelligence Project, operated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It may not meet your strict definition of revolutionary groups with the desire to illegally overthrow the government, but it may come close with some of the groups being monitored.

The trouble with Anarchists is they cant get organised,if they’d just work together as a team for once…

It would help if there were a formal exam to become an Anarchist. All you need now is a big beard and a bomb-throwing arm.

(Membership in the Republican Party is optional.)

At my draft physical, (1969 or 70) one of the forms I filled out asked if I had ever been a member of any of several dozen listed organizations, none of which I recognized. It was made loudly clear that, if I had answered yes, I would have been thrown out, philosophically unfit to kill for my country. :eek:

As it turned out, I was declared physically unfit to kill for my country. My father was probably relieved to hear it, but he was peeved that I was so damn happy to be 4F.